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Overview Presentation

odoo-logoOdoo is a web-based open-source platform for integrated business applications written in Python by a global network comprised of over 1500 active community members. Odoo’s business apps are elegantly programmed and customized to manage numerous companies and versatile businesses internationally. With over two million users, Odoo formerly known as openERP, has over 3000 internationally accredited business apps, such as Odoo CRM, HR procurement, Odoo Accounting, Odoo Project Management among other applications developed specifically for use by every department of a business related company/organisation.

Features, Benefits and Product Strengths

  • Elegant and Comprehensive Business Management Applications – Odoo’s business applications are precisely customized to run certain distinctive and crucial operations within their respective departments. This include Project Management, invoicing, and bookkeeping to efficiently manage contracts and company incurred costs respectively. Warehouse management, purchase and manufacturing apps are also included with appreciable integration for maximum business productivity.
  • Market Expansion and Sales Boosting – Various market enhancement applications for companies aiming to increase their marketing opportunities both locally and internationally are also an eminent part of Odoo’s features. Activities associated with these apps include live chats with website visitors, conducting market related surveys, event management, and lead automation. All these activities are undertaken in efforts of expanding the market scope of any business, and as a startling measure to increase its profits and revenue. Odoo also has special business applications to boost an organisation’s sales through customer relationships such CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Point of Sale and Quote Builder.
  • Website Building and Business Production Boosting – From blogs to e-commerce, Odoo’s Website Building apps are built with a marketing approach in mind to reach out to a wider global audience of potential business clients or customers. It enables company owners to build their own websites that are usually search engine optimized. Additionally, Odoo facilitates for the development of numerous effective business productivity increment tools and software such as business intelligence and instant online messaging to invoke generation of witty objectives and enhance problem solving skills. Discussions and appropriate to-do notes also see to it that the company achieves its set production targets.

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Odoo is free to use for 2 users. For more than 2 users, the pricing is divided into three main categories with respect to the intended business application bundle/service to be purchased. This includes a Standard Pack limited to standard Apps and customer support through e-mails. A comprehensive Business Pack comprises of premium services such as unlimited functional assistance and customized apps, and an extra services package which includes data importation and custom website design.

The Standard Pack’s price per app is $ 15 (USD) for 1 month, while most of the Business Pack bundles go for $ 129 (USD), with the exception of Point of Sales and HR bundles. Finally, pricing for extra services package depends on the type and extent of service offered. Subscription and payment of Odoo applications and services can either be annual or monthly.


Social Network Presence

Odoo is highly graced by a wide and vast social network presence that includes;

Target Market

Odoo‘s target market is mainly business-related organizations, and it is equally perfect for small companies with a minimum of one Odoo product user, to enormous organizations with up to 5,000 users having numerous and extremely demanding departmental activities. However, most of these apps are occasionally integrated across the entire organizations.

Supported Languages

Odoo business applications support English, French, Spanish and Dutch.

Some of their Clients

Odoo’s clients include Singer, Veolia, Canonical, Laposte, Danone, EXK, Auchan and Lena.

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Alpinter, one of Odoo’s market expansion product users, recommends other companies that intend to increase stock products overseas to choose Odoo.

Dreamcolocation’s ICT Manager, Frederic Sagaer, recommended Odoo for its high standards of technology at a relatively low price.

Coimbra University in Portugal also expects to save over 70% in the upcoming five to six years by implementing Odoo for enterprise resource planning.

Why Odoo

Odoo has been ranked as the most installed business software in the globe. This is largely due to its efficacy and reliability in managing business comprehensively. Among other reasons, why you should incorporate Odoo in any business related organization include its simple and user-friendly interface with enhanced customer support as well as flexibility that enables it to adapt to dynamic changes in the business environment. Odoo, being an open-source web-based platform, provides an impeccable and wide choice of new, innovative and highly competent business apps to meet its client’s diverse and often challenging needs.

Company Info

OpenERP S.A. founded by its current CEO Fabian Pinckaers in 2002, is the sole vendor of all Odoo products and services. Having 250 employees and 6 offices in San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong, India, Belgium and Luxembourg, OpenERP has an extensive community based and partner network with its activities extending to a 110 countries worldwide.

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Moiz Noorani

Moiz Noorani

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2 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    Hi Moiz,
    I personally think Odoo is the only real All-In-One Solution a lot of companies are looking for.
    Version 9 will be released soon and from the sneak previews I had so far, I can say it gets better and better. The only problem we were facing after implementing Odoo was, that there are so many functions that you get a kind of lost. Not because Odoo is very complicated, but because we were trying to solve to many problems (we were facing with our old crm) at the same time. It was very hard to teach al employees to handle the new system. But everything else is just great. It is amazing how flexible/adaptable the system is. Boxed software is yesterday. I resently received a Odoo newsletter announcing that even TOYOTA is using the software. Our company is way smaller(10 people) but is works perfect as well.

    By the way to gather a good insight and to solve the problem with teaching employees I started to create an online course. Might be very helpful for everyone who is interested in switching to Odoo or doing some research on ERP Systems. https://www.udemy.com/odoo-open-erp-basic-course/?couponCode=WbSt49

  2. Benjamin says:

    Hi Moiz,
    Good article. I discovered Odoo 2 years ago, when helping launch a company. Since then, I installed it for 2 other companies where I work and use it daily. And I am no IT person. It’s pretty simple and very efficient.

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