Best Tutorials & Training Logo is a team management platform that is easy to use, highly visual, and customizable. You can use it to manage different kinds of teams for different kinds of work. In the early days of dapulse Labs, they built an internal tool to help users solve their day-to-day project management problems. When tried by external partners and users, the creators received encouraging feedback of how the software helped them manage their business, track progress, and stay in control. In 2017, the company rebranded from dapulse to

The Best Tutorials & Training

A wide variety of companies and industries use Big and small businesses, freelancers, and professional services providers use the platform. Customers in sales, software development, real estate, and churches are finding value and benefit with the software as they stay in better control of their business and organization. Listed below are tutorials that will guide you on how to use the software. Please note that most resources come from the vendor, as we did not include tutorials pertaining to their old product, dapulse.

1. monday Knowledge Base Knowledge Base’s knowledge base includes articles that can help you navigate, get started, and master the team management platform. In the Getting started section, you can read several articles to introduce you to the software, how to get started with using the software, other how-to articles such as creating your first board, changing column types, or adding boards and dashboards. Navigating the knowledge base page is easy with a menu on the left side of the page to guide you.

2. monday Guides Spot GuidesThe Guides page includes the different use cases for and the articles specific to the use case. Teams and companies can use the software for marketing, sales and CRM, project management, and software development, among others. Some of the articles include a short video to show users the features and understand the instructions better. In the project management use case, the tutorial articles include basic PM, advanced PM, and how to use the software for event planning.

3. Project Management with

Envato tuts+An introduction to project management using is available from the learning site Envato Tuts+. Envato is a marketplace for creative assets and creative people. In its business tutorials page, it discusses how to use for project management in a stress-free and exceptional way. The author itemized the tasks step by step including creating the project dashboard, breaking down the project to tasks, and closing the project.

4. monday Video Center

Video Center A dedicated video tutorial center page contains different videos for any user on any stage of learning and using their software. It has a collection of videos if you are just getting started, looking for best practices, or discovering advanced features. Watch a tutorial on how to get started doing your work on the software. Learn how to communicate with your team or know which board to use with explainer videos. The collection also includes topics such as working remotely, using automations, and working with integrations.

5. monday Webinars webinars You can choose to attend webinars live or on-demand about topics you want to learn more about. The monday team runs demo webinars about basic, essential features Mondays through Fridays at selected EST schedules. A monthly webinar on different topics helps teams improve on their basic knowledge. The page also links to on-demand platform demos of webinar recordings. Moreover, you can attend a webinar in Spanish, French, or German, in addition to English.

6. Productivity Guide with is a free site that hosts fun and practical web development tutorials. Additionally, it has a simple tutorial that can help improve your productivity. Get a short introduction of use cases, learn important terms, and create a board from scratch. The article includes screenshots and videos to explain clearly the different capabilities of the software such as pulses, Gantt charts, and team communication.

7. How to use

How to use monday.comAnother interesting resource from the software vendor is a page about the different use cases for the software, with examples. Learn how to use for team management, project management, or work planning. Discover features, make use of templates, and read customer stories. Go directly to a particular functionality or implementation from a selection that includes task management, project planning, marketing, agile PM, bug tracking, sales management, and lead tracking.

8. monday User Stories work insightsThis resource page is a collection of how users in different functions and industries applied the software solution to overcome a challenge or fix an issue. The page categorizes the stories according to use cases such as project management, sales, software development, and productivity. A story includes a short narration of the situation, a board template that helps solve the problem, which others can also use, and additional tips to get started. Users can choose from over 30 categories, and then read about user stories from that category.

9. Cloudwards monday Tutorial

CloudwardsCloudwards has a tutorial for beginners to help them use the software to organize their first project. The article begins by guiding the user in to how to sign up for a free trial account. It covers topics on how to get started with monday such as creating a board, adding groups to a board, and adding tasks. The tutorial proceeds with discussions on how to organize the board and the team and how to create a dashboard and its different views. It is complete with screenshots and tips.

10. monday Tutorial Video

YouTube Logo In this tutorial video, Stewart Gauld shows the viewer how to get started with as a project management tool for small businesses to take care of day-to-day business operations. The 20-minute video begins with a walk through of how to sign up for an account, invite and manage a team, and create a new board. The video highlights the visual and multi-layout design as a differentiating factor compared to other PM apps.

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Learn how to use with these tutorials. It is an easy, fun, and colorful way to organize, collaborate, and manage projects. The software is flexible, customizable, and integrates to popular applications. It also promotes transparency, which helps every team member and stakeholder to have the information to decide and act with speed and in the best possible way.

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