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Overview Presentation

Mingle is a web-based agile project management and collaboration tool that provides a combined workplace for the entire team, keeping them on top of growing business demands. It is versatile and can be modified according to the team, work and the project. It is designed to integrate with the team’s current workflow. Through it, teams can define the organization’s objectives, track its plan’s progress, and receive alerts during changes.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Program Management and Workflow – Mingle supports program management by allowing users to define features for their organization. They can also help identify the teams and work needed to realize those features. During development, they have a way to check the status of the features, the progress of its development, and the people in charge as requirements change. The Planner is a single workspace that supports collaboration and visibility. Users can manage multiple teams to coordinate work and adapt to plans as they change. Teams can raise and resolve dependencies autonomously. The Workflow tool includes cards and card walls. Tags allow for easy tracking of just about anything. Other features include templates and transitions.
  • Content and Collaboration – The agile project management software has a WYSIWYG editor tool for writing content. Wiki pages allow the team to share information easily. Teams can also use tags, attachments, and comment to create context for their content. HTML and code can be inserted in cards. Users can create charts and graphs to present their data and make cards more intelligent. For collaboration, Murmurs allow the team to have conversations without leaving the platform. It also integrates with Slack. They can drag and drop avatars when assigning team members to cards. The software also integrates with GitHub or any other Git repository.
  • Reporting, Integrations, SSO, Chrome Extension, and more – Mingle automatically calculates cycle time from the card wall. This can be easily presented to the team. Users can create charts and other data visualizations on cards and wiki pages. MQL is a powerful query language that provides users greater control over their data. Aside from Slack and Git integrations, it also works with a list of other tools such as application lifecycle management (ALM) software, tools for build and release management, code review, CRM, defect management, IDE, issue tracking, PPM, requirements management, source control, test management, and more. It works with Okta for SSO, and also has a Chrome extension with shortcuts.


Unfortunately, Mingle announced last July 2018 that it is retiring the software in July 2019. It has since been closed for new sign-ups. This October, an export feature has become available to allow users to export all their data from their Mingle instance.

Social Media Presence

Target Market

Mingle was for SMBs who are using agile methods for their project management.

Languages Supported

Supports English, Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Dillard’s, Trainline, Sungard, Cisco, Enphase Energy, WestJet, HealthStream, Siemens, NHS, NetApp, and Hertz.

Client Testimonials

Mario Zarandon stated that he loves the flexibility of the product. Mingle adapted to his team, instead of his team adapting to the software. Michael Cameron stated that he uses and recommends the agile PM tool because it allows him and his game development team to customize the workflow according to their needs.

Why Mingle

Mingle is truly loved by its users, and are saddened by the news that it will be retiring soon. Some are suggesting to ‚Äòopen source’ the software, because compared to other tools, such as Jira or Rally, they still believe it is a better agile PM tool.

Company Information

Mingle is a product of ThoughtWorks. The software development company was founded by Roy Singham in 1993 in Chicago, IL, USA. It started with the aim of attracting and employing the best knowledge workers in the world. After 25 years, the company has grown to over 5000 employees with 40 offices in 14 countries. It has been a pioneer in agile software development, and is dedicated to improving the way software is developed with its business model of running a sustainable business, championing software excellence and revolutionizing the IT industry, and advocating passionately for social and economic justice. In August 2017, it was announced that ThoughtWorks is to be acquired by London-based Apax Partners LLP, a leading global private equity advisory firm. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

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