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Overview Presentation

mingle-logoMingle is a web-based Agile Project Management and collaboration tool that provides a combined workplace for the entire team, keeping them on top of growing business demands. It is versatile and can be modified according to the team, work and the project. Mingle is a simple and powerful tool that has been developed, based on the experience of ThoughtWorks in pioneering Agile delivery.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Collaborative Software and Project Management – Mingle provides a common shared workplace for the entire team with features such as Forums, Card Wall, Wiki and Source Code Integration. It can easily be modified to suit the specifications of the project. It also enables project management features such as cumulative flow charts, pipeline, custom calculations etc. It also provides real-time information for teams that are based across the world. Mingle enables you to manage several projects at one time, which is especially useful when you need to run multiple projects that influence each other. It provides visibility across projects with features like accurate reports and cross project reporting.
  • Release & Iteration Planning and Tracking & Reporting Progress – Mingle allows you to adapt to changing requirements, manage product backlogs, schedule requirements and provide on-going visibility to all project stakeholders, including clients about the progress of the project. All stakeholders have access to real-time data, so that they are able to make speedier decisions regarding the project, no matter where they are based.
  • Staff Deployment, Document Management, Test Management and Issue Tracking – Mingle is a flexible tool that allows you to deploy resources to a project or task only when necessary. This helps to improve productivity and efficiency, while also reducing costs. Mingle also allows you to store all project documents in a single location, where you can easily tag, search and share them with all project stakeholders, when necessary. In addition, Mingle allows you to check on the quality of software by providing you with a bug tracking and testing platform.

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Pricing for Mingle is available for purchase on an annual subscription basis. The first 5 users are free, followed by a fee of $20 per user per month, which is billed on an annual basis. Pricing and quotes, based on specific requirements can be made available upon request.


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Target Market

Mingle is designed for small and medium to large businesses, and especially for those who follow an agile approach for projects.

Languages Supported

Mingle primarily supports English. Other languages supported are Dutch, Portuguese, Chinese and Spanish.

Some of their Clients

Mingle has clients that span across several different industries – education, e-business, healthcare, retail, travel & tourism, telecom and media & entertainment, to name a few. Some of their noted clients are REA, Measured Progress, Just Giving, Partners in Health, IATA, Woolworths, McCann World Group and Nokia.

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Client Testimonials

David Slocombe, Head of Mobile of lastminute.com says that Mingle helped them to build a new global mobile web platform in just 20 weeks. According to him, building the capability to drive their innovation cycle time down has energized the team and the whole product and technology organization.

Damian Cronan, CTO of ninemsn says that Mingle has been an instrumental partner in helping ninemsn shape and build out greater consumer offering, from early inception of the product till date. He commends their deep expertise, unique approach and work, as part of an integrated delivery team, which has provided great results.

Thomas Squeo, CIO of Measured Progress says that Mingle was instrumental in their adoption of agile, and development of the Nimble Item Banking system has been a success. They will continue to see it as a valuable asset in their portfolio.

Why Mingle

Mingle is an easy-to-use and highly customizable tool which is very appealing. It has an intuitive user interface and provides great collaboration options like email alerts, wiki, RSS feeds, card walls, comments, customizable dashboards, and bug tracking etc. Mingle also easily supports multiple projects for multiple clients, which is exciting, since most clients are constantly requesting for changes, fixes and updates. It also provides real-time visibility and updated information, keeping all stakeholders informed at all times, no matter where they are based.

Company Information

Mingle is an Agile Project Management software from ThoughtWorks. ThoughtWorks was founded in the early 90’s and has grown tremendously, since its inception, currently operating with over 2500 employees in 12 countries with 29 offices. ThoughtWorks has its presence in Australia, India, China, Brazil, UK, South Africa, USA, Germany and Singapore, Uganda, Canada and Ecuador.

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