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Overview Presentation

Metis is an online professional services automation (PSA) software that helps consultants and other service providers manage their business while they manage client projects. Providing great services to help clients with their business is satisfying but challenging work. Professionals need PSA software to accurately gather data and track performance, so they deliver projects successfully while remaining profitable. They also need tools to streamline and improve internal business processes, and at the same time, gain overview and insight about the health of their own business at any given time.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Business Dashboards ‚Äì Metis cloud-based professional services automation software has several built-in dashboards that provide users an overview of their business based on all the information in its system. It has a revenue dashboard that shows the highs and lows of the business, which may relate to staff size or utilization issues. It has a jobs dashboard that can show problematic jobs or help provide performance comparison. It also has a people dashboard that can provide information on current workload. Each user has his/her own homepage where they have a view of their assignments, sales opportunities, active jobs, and team status, depending on their individual roles.
  • Timesheet and Expense Management ‚Äì This PSA software has important features for tracking time and expenses spent on client projects. The interface is designed so that adding time and entering data is simple and fast. It is flexible to allow entering of either professional day hours only or work for all hours. Users can also add comments and non-chargeable time. The interface supports time entry for both full-time and part-time workers. The expense management system allows for multi-currency, attaching images of receipts from the iOS app, and online approvals of timesheet and expenses by managers. It also has forecasting/prediction features of cost, revenue, and gross margin. It can combine data to create job estimates, and allow drill down of data for variance analysis.
  • Sales Lead and Resource Management ‚Äì Metis can provide users real-time, live information on opportunities to drive sales efforts. It has tools to show an accurate picture of future revenue, and even predict when revenue will hit the books. It can help users plan and refine their proposals while being aware of gross margin estimates. Users can check actual staff utilization as compared to their target. They can also identify who are overworked and who are under-utilized. A time-off feature allows for customizable time-off categories. Information entered can be used for resource plans. Also, it can record time-off booked vs actual time-off taken.


Metis offers freemium pricing model. Most features are included in all plans, such as unlimited active jobs and active opportunities. Free plans include up to 5 users, many expenses currencies, 1 operating currency, 1 practice area, 1 office, and email support. The Basic plan at 20 British pounds per user per month paid annually includes all features in the free plan with the addition of unlimited users and priority email support. The Professional plan at 30 British pounds includes all features such as many operating currencies, unlimited practice areas and offices, and telephone support.

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Target Market

Metis is for teams of all sizes best for the professional services industry.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Comotion Consulting, Valuebase, and Kite Global Advisors.


Karen Westaway stated that Metis is helping them run a smart, lean company that delivers value to clients.

Larry Yu described the interface as clear and the team provides excellent support.

Why Metis

Metis solves the problem of having multiple disconnected software products for doing single different jobs. It provides a central business tool that streamlines processes, able to perform multiple, business-critical function into a single system. Furthermore, it eliminates duplicate/redundant data entry, and can combine data to provide real-time overview, meaningful insight, and powerful predictions.

Company Info

Metis is the trading name of Metistry Ltd, a privately held computer software company with headquarters in London, UK. It was founded in June 2015 by Simon Clark and Jonathan Peachey. The founders as entrepreneurs and business leaders have extensive experience in professional services, technology development, and consulting, among others. What they learned over the years from their own consultancies and the practices they saw from the very best firms and agencies, they designed and developed into Metis. And as they meet new businesses and learn new ideas, they continue to bring it back in their software.

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