Klaviyo vs. Keap: eCommerce Marketing Platform Comparison


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Klaviyo vs. KeapTable of contents

For marketers, the challenges of 2020 are slowly abating but not completely gone, with some saying that it will never entirely go away. So they find creative ways to drive revenue with fewer resources and limited budget. For online businesses, the pandemic increased ecommerce growth, transforming online shopping from a convenience to a necessity. Consequently, more companies are competing, too, forcing traditional brick-and-mortar stores to either go online full-time or put more focus to the online market. This Klaviyo vs. Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) comparison aims to help you choose the right ecommerce marketing software for your business.

eCommerce challenges of 2021

Back to top Across the globe, e-commerce sales are up by 19 percent compared to previous years, and up to 30 percent in the US. However, the added opportunities come with changes that will further test marketers in performing their jobs successfully. Some of these challenges are:
  • Increased customer expectations that are already high
  • Demand for more options on where and how to shop
  • Greater difficulty in connecting and attracting customers who are on different channels
  • Finding the right technology and tool to provide a central source of data and integration
  • Uncertainty in a rapidly changing industry and business landscape
Read also: Biggest Mistakes in Reporting Digital Marketing Project Results to Clients For these reasons, it is crucial to know which solution is the best for your company to invest in. Will it be Klaviyo software or Keap CRM? We explore their similar features and unique approaches in this Klaviyo vs. Keap comparison.

Klaviyo CRM features

Back to top Klaviyo is an email marketing and SMS marketing software for e-commerce. It is a platform that helps users grow their business and build customer experiences across their marketing channels. Klaviyo can help businesses of all sizes in building their brand, scaling their business, or moving online. Companies in the retail, consumer goods, and fashion & apparel are among its top users. Features include native integration to data sources, website signup forms, customer profiles, automatic email segmentation, social media marketing, and performance reports that allow users to listen and collect customer information, as well as analyze and uncover opportunities. Klaviyo screenshot

eCommerce marketing automation

Klaviyo lets you design and map out the ideal customer journey from start to finish with a drag-and-drop builder. To be sure, you can test your automated emails with A/B testing and further optimize them. Experiment with different content, subject lines, or timing. Set rules that will branch email flows based on real-time data. Other features include real-time performance reporting, personalized automated email sequences based on various data, and prebuilt and custom automated email flows such as for abandoned carts, automated win-backs, new subscriber welcomes, or browse abandonment.

Email marketing

Klaviyo helps you create targeted campaign emails fast such as newsletters, sale announcements, and promotions. A setup wizard automatically sets your brand’s colors and logo into emails that you can design, save, and reuse. Build emails with a drag-and-drop editor and further customize it with HTML. Use segmentation tools so you can organize groups of customers for specific engagements and deliver to them personalized product recommendations. And to make sure you send just the right number of emails, the Smart Sending feature limits the emails you can send someone in a given period of time.


Use SMS or text messages to capture attention and inspire a customer to action. Send short, direct texts that include links to your products or services. With more than 200 data source connections, Klaviyo provides you the right data when writing your text messages. Get toll-free numbers and short codes, then send timely, relevant messages for sales events, cart reminders, and order confirmations. The software also lets you send both texts and emails in the same series, and allows you to have two-way conversations with your customers.

Keap CRM features

Back to top Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft, is a provider of CRM, and sales and marketing automation solution for over 20 years. Businesses have simplified how they grow their business with a proven platform that helps them collect more leads, convert more customers, and create more repeat customers. It is an easy-to-use software preferred by companies in the marketing and advertising, health, wellness, and fitness, and real estate industries. Keap features include sales pipeline for automated lead tracking and management, integrated invoicing and payment, appointment scheduling software, reporting and analytics, and native integration including mobile access. Keap screenshot

Sales and marketing automation

Keap includes several automation features for your marketing, sales, and data entry tasks. Easy automation is possible with simple templates that capture new leads, assign tasks, and send emails. An advanced automation builder lets you create custom rules that automate processes such as sending of sequence of emails based on time triggers or client actions. Automatically send texts and emails to new leads or whenever you move a lead from one stage to the next. Read also: Is Agency Automation the Future?

Email marketing

Keap provides email marketing with automation that streamlines any complicated process. You can nurture new leads or invite clients to new offerings with a simple but effective email. Create new emails quickly from a library of preloaded email templates that cover a variety of opportunities. Segment your contact list by industry, interactions, and other groupings to improve conversion. The software also provides several reports that tract the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.


The easy-to-use client database tool lets you organize your contacts and be more efficient in your tasks and followups. Keap’s client management system centralizes all activity and communications in one place, so you can find information, update records, and get paid from the same system. Connect Gmail or Outlook to automatically update records with every email message. The software also integrates with many popular business apps and services. Other features include automated internal forms and file attachments.

Ready to decide on Klaviyo vs. Keap?

Back to top Klaviyo and Keap both have tools and features to streamline ecommerce processes with modern marketing automation. They also integrate well to many popular business apps and services. Klaviyo is ideal for ecommerce sites and business, with seamless integration with Shopify. Companies looking for combined email and SMS marketing software will find the software very useful. Klaviyo pricing offers a free email tier of up to 250 email contacts and free SMS tier of up to 50 contacts per month, with email or SMS purchased separately. In excess of these, premium plans are available. Keap is a sales and marketing automation software with a powerful ecommerce and CRM built in ideal for businesses looking for an all-in-one solution. It is an easy-to-use sales force automation solution even for non-marketers such as small business owners. Keap pricing depends on a selection of four different products and number of contacts, but all include top rated support and mobile apps. A 14-day free trial period is also offered.

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