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Overview Presentation

kayako-logoKayako is a web-based customer support solution that empowers companies of all sizes to provide an enhanced customer service experience, and to collaborate more effectively in a team. As a comprehensive customer service platform, Kayako builds helpdesks for companies, enabling them to deliver superior multi-channel support to customers and continuously stay on top of support requests. Kayako also helps to reduce issue-resolving response time. Kayako is available both as a subscription cloud-based service as well as an on-premise service for companies, who want to control their own data and install Kayako on their own systems.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Tickets, Live Chat and Self Service – Kayako can create and update tickets by email through your website and by using the support helpdesk. Unlike regular emails, the availability of tickets enables seamless team collaboration. Kayako also allows you to distribute and delegate tickets to the right people as fast as possible. Live Chat in Kayako is a powerful feature with real-time supervising and hands-on engagement. It is built to manage multiple chats and incoming calls simultaneously. Chats, tickets and calls are all connected, so that you can shift between them, and easily track past history of customers no matter how you communicate with them. Kayako is also well known for creating intuitive and upfront self-service tools, where customers can effortlessly gain access to information on their own, reducing the time taken to solve a problem and the workload on your team.
  • Customer Interaction, Measurement and Customization – Kayako is a simple and straightforward helpdesk that allows you to seamlessly interact with customers. It focuses just as much on the customer, as it does on the business. Kayako also provides you with a robust measurement tool that helps you to access more than 100 out-of-the-box reports. These include a mix of simple and comprehensive reports, helping you to transform simple helpdesk data into valuable customer insights. Kayako can be customized at every step of the way. The support team can make modifications to tickets, live chats and even customer profiles when required. It can be tailored to suit your workflow requirements and priorities, and will fit itself around your needs.
  • Accessible Documentation, Customer Feedback and Community Building – Kayako comes equipped with rich and upfront documentation that both administrators and staff will find useful to help them deliver more efficient customer service. Customer feedback is another useful feature that Kayako offers. When a problem has been resolved after a live chat, you can share a satisfaction survey with your customers; so you are able to gain further insights and improve any limitations to further enhance the customer experience. You can also enable your customers to contribute content to articles and troubleshooter wizards, where they can share comments and user experiences to help other customers and improve the entire user experience overall.


Kayako offers 3 products at different price options. Kayako Engage enables live chat, real-time customer tracking and a full service help desk. The SaaS option is at $29 per user per month, and the on-premise option is a one-time payment of $1500 for 5 support agents. Kayako Fusion is Kayako’s flagship multi-channel helpdesk solution. It helps companies to offer support via email, web, live chat, phone calls and self-service. The SaaS option is at $49 per user per month and the on-premise option is a one-time payment of $2000 for 5 support agents. Kayako Case helps to resolve email issues, provide support tickets and track everything through the helpdesk solution. The SaaS option is available at $29 per user per month and the on-premise option is a one-time payment of $1500 for 5 support agents.


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Target Market

Kayako is suitable for businesses of all sizes, and is so versatile, that they can get their helpdesks up and running in a few minutes. Though a majority of Kayako’s customers are small and medium businesses, it is designed for scale and can grow along with a company’s requirements. It is also popular with several large-scale multinational companies.

Languages Supported

Kayako supports English, French, Spanish, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese and Russian.

Some of their Clients

Kayako has more than 30,000 customers and is a popular web-based customer service platform. Though a majority of Kayako’s clients are small to medium businesses, it is also popular with large multinationals like Toshiba, FedEx, Kraft Foods, Hitachi and General Electric. Several large multinationals and Ivy League universities find tremendous value in using Kayako’s platform.

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Client Testimonials

Kevin Ten Eyck from Texas Tech University claims that Kayako is by far the most inexpensive, feature-rich, flexible and user-friendly platform that he has used for customer service and support, for both the customers as well as the technicians. Mohsin Chaudhry from Hitachi Europe says that Kayako has freed up his staff to create more proactive and robust support infrastructure for the company. George Minich from Toshiba Canada says that Kayako helps them to reply to customer requests in a very timely manner, resulting in happier customers. He also claims that they are big Kayako fans.

Why Kayako

Kayako is a simple and versatile platform that is designed for scale, which means that companies don’t have to change their helpdesk platform when their business grows. It is easy to use and can be up and running within a matter of minutes. It gives customers a simple and user-friendly interface, allowing real-time interaction and self-service. It is ideal for businesses of all sizes, empowering them to utilize the best tools for customer service and is a proven helpdesk solution for customer support. With mobile apps for all major platforms like Android, Windows, Blackberry and iOS, Kayako is available to those who are always on the move. Because it is flexible and easy to use, it is popular with a wide-ranging audience, from small, medium and large businesses to government agencies and non-profits.

Company Information

The origin of Kayako dates back to 2001. Today, it builds one of the most robust solutions for companies to incorporate mails, tickets, live chats, phone calls, self-service and remote desktop support into one consolidated helpdesk. Kayako is a popular service and has more than 30,000 customers worldwide. The Kayako team consists of over 110 people, based around the world, with offices in India, USA, UK and Hong Kong. It is a privately held company. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ugOWET91ejQ] Take me to their Website

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