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Overview Presentation

kanzen-logoKanzen is a visual project management software that is suitable for all types of businesses. It’s Kanban feature allows the users to visualize their workload, improve processes, achieve complete collaboration, and work more efficiently. If you are in search of a software with a clean interface, rich communication and real-time update features, then Kanzen is your best bet. Kanzen is developed to tackle all business management problems as a wide range of features are integrated in it. Its metrics and analytics tools are amazing. These tools can be used to evaluate the business processes and their performances.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Workflow Management and Access Rights – Visualization is the most important element for workload and at the same time this application enables the users to work on many things. When the user can see their tasks from different perspectives, they can avoid a lot of organizational problems and management chaos. The tool allows the users to see their tasks on a Kanban board. Three types of list are available in this app namely list view, calendar and personal list. ‘External User’ is a great feature which is also integrated in this app. Sharing feature allows the users to share their workflow with team members, and they can decide how much access each user has.
  • Rich Collaboration and Elaborate Toolbox – To achieve a successful project outcome, an efficient communication medium is a must. Kanzen allows the users to collaborate in real-time, assign tasks, update information and communicate with project members quickly. In this app, users can create their ideal workflow visualization. On the other side, if users try the ‘Icebox’ container, then they can avoid a messy workflow. Customized card templates are available in order to get the task fields which the user really needs, and by doing this, the user can perform actions on multiple task cards at once.
  • Evaluations, Adjustments and Improvements – If managers are struggling with an inefficient workflow, Kanzen is the best solution. It offers a wide range of analytic tools like a bar chart, lead and cycle time, and cumulative flow diagram. These features allow the managers to closely evaluate their workload and make proper adjustments on the Kanban boards. Kanzen also has an e-mail integration system which enables the managers to send their tasks, reply to comments and receive notifications from other project members. Managers won’t miss anything, because email reminders are paired with inbox notifications within the project, and it keeps the manager updated on different projects.
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Three pricing plans are available on Kanzen website. First one is a basic plan which is suitable for 8 users with a cost of $45 per month. In this plan users can work on 6 different projects and unlimited storage is available in this plan. Second plan is suitable for large teams and comes at $99 per month and it is for 18 users. They can handle 20 different projects with an unlimited storage. Last one is the unlimited plan which is $8 per month per user. Unlimited projects and unlimited storage offers are also included in this plan. Apart from that, Kanzen also offers the users a 14-day trial on any plan that they choose. kanzen-pricing

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Target Market

Kanzen is a perfect tool for individuals, teams and big organizations too. They can manage their projects and tasks, and collaborate and communicate with their team mates by using the Kanban ready structure.

Supported Languages

Kanzen supports the English language.

Some of their Clients

PayTask and E3 are two of Kanzen’s biggest customers. Take me to their Website


No information is available at the moment.

Why Kanzen

Workflow management, access rights, rich collaboration, elaborate toolbox, analytics and high customization features are integrated into Kanzen in order to enhance the productivity and profitability of the business. Kanzen offers all these features at a very reasonable cost. It is a perfect tool for individuals in order to manage their projects and tasks.

Company Info

Kanzen Concept LLC is a New York Domestic LLC. founded on October 1, 2014. This company is relatively new and it has only 10 employees. Kanzen Concept LLC. strives to provide their best business solution to the market. Their experts are specialized in agile solutions. Take me to their Website

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