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Overview Presentation

kantree logo imageKantree is a project management tool that can be easily adopted by any organization as it works towards allowing teams in the company to work together in pursuit of achieving project success. This is a unique project management software that increases team participation and makes team members collaborate with one another thus giving managers an easy time for anticipating and resolving issues occurring in the organization.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Easy Real-Time Collaboration – With Kantree software you are able to collaborate with different users in real-time. The tool allows you to invite different users and it gives them authority to view your various projects, leave their comments on the project and even add your projects as collaborators. The software gives the option of keeping your projects either private or public, and the ability to share them across your organizations. Every single change and comment made on the projects is updated instantly in real-time and allows multitasking.
  • Planning Tool and Customizability – Project management requires future forecasting from historical data. This requires analysis of statistics of past projects in order to make future inferences. With Kantree software, you are able to make decisions on the future of your projects as it makes use of time estimations and critical path computation tools. Every single project is unique with own characteristics and requirements differ from project to project, and thus it is necessary for any project management tool to be able to be customized according to the needs. Kantree gives the user freedom to organize and specify different projects as per the needs.
  • Analyze Project from Different Angles – The software allows you to view your projects in different formats by switching between different views. The user is able to search through cards and filter them instantly. Apart from the Kanban view, Kantree has the list view which allows managers to plan the project, and also a calendar view that allows you to efficiently work on a larger number of cards.

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Kantree comes at no cost for public projects, which means it is absolutely free forever if you use it for public projects only. For both public and private projects, the cost comes at only 7€ per user per month. They also offer a 30-day free trial to get the feel for the software before you pay for it.

kantree pricing

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Target Market

Kantree is an important tool for every project management organization that focuses on improved performance and enhanced productivity. It can be used by individuals, teams, public and private organizations to run both private and public projects.

Supported Languages

Kantree supports English and French

Some of their Clients

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Since the software is quite new, the information is not available at the moment.

Why Kantree

Kantree has an amazing user interface as compared to any project management software. It gives good visual displays, it is easy to use and it is very responsive. The software also gives a good layout and hierarchical organization of data that makes it easy to figure out running of a project. Kantree can both be cloud-based and self-hosted. The cloud-based version enables you to run and update the software on the cloud infrastructure by signing up online while the self-hosted version allows you to deploy it on your own infrastructure and allows individual users login using directory services to create private projects and do other project management tasks.

Company Info

Kantree is a product of Digicoop founded in September 2014. The company is based in Paris, France. They develop web and mobile applications, but what stands out are their code of ethics they adhere by. They deeply prioritize security, and believe in openness, which is why they monetize their products fairly.

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