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Kanbanery is a visual project management tool that uses boards and cards for personal or team work. It is easy to use, flexible and ready for collaborative work. It is a lean/agile tool, ideal for software development, but applicable also for many other things, like bug tracking, help desk, and any other project work that requires collaboration and transparency. It has features that help collect information about effort and resources, so that the company can review its performance and increase its efficiency.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Clean UI, Easy to Start Using ‚Äì Kanbanery visual project management tool presents a simple and clean interface. Users can begin their project after one minute of familiarization, and the system helps in this as it provides a simple step-by-step welcome instruction. Adding a task on the board is done by clicking the ‘+’ (plus) button, and there are several preset choices in terms of type, estimates and priority. Users can also start by importing their tasks in CSV format into a project board in their workspace. This can also be exported back into CSV, so data is never trapped. Templates are also available, which users can copy and tweak further, add columns or rename them, and even can create their own templates for quick start. Moving the cards across the columns is as simple as click, drag and drop.
  • Ready for Collaboration, Real-time Information ‚Äì This visual project management tool makes it easy for teams to accomplish work. Users can invite as many members as their plan allows. An RSS feed keeps team members updated with what is happening to the project in real time. They can choose which tasks to subscribe so they can get email notifications for any status changes. This makes it ideal for virtual and geographically distributed teams. The Task Cards are very clean and simple in design, with just the right color-codes and labels to be noticeable for any update, such as when it has comments, bugs, subtask, GitHub commits, file attachments, resource assigned and status. Hovering on it will also show more options.
  • Advanced Reporting, GitHub Integrations, Native iOS Apps and more ‚Äì Kanbanery users can generate reports that show a cumulative flow diagram, lead and cycle time by date span or class of service. It can also show task distribution graphs to help see types of work, load distribution and bottlenecks. It integrates with GitHub which makes it ideal for developers. Task cards will display changes if commits were made, which makes it easy for testers, code reviewers and other members of the team to track changes. It has a full-featured REST API that is well-documented, enabling other developers to integrate third-party apps with the software. For example, through Zapier, the software is able to talk with the Android platform. For those with iOS mobile devices, native iPhone and iPad apps are available.
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Kanbanery is available in four premium plans based on the number of team members. All paid plans include for unlimited boards and file storage. The Freelancer plan at $22 per month billed annually includes for 5 team members. The Startup plan allows for 10 team members, the Small Firm plan for 25 team members, and the Corporate plan for 50 team members. Customers requiring a plan with more than 50 members can directly contact the company. A 30-day free trial period is available, as well as a Free plan that includes for 1 board and 2 team members. Charitable organizations and open source projects can also avail of a free plan by directly contacting the company. kanbanery pricing

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Target Market

Kanbanery visual project management tool is for companies of all sizes and industries. Software, IT, product development, and service management businesses can find most benefit in using the application. Individuals and freelancers can share their boards with clients.

Supported Language


Some of their Clients

No official information is available about their clientele, but individuals in the following companies use and recommend the software: Lunar Logic, Thrill Movie UK, ZenDEV, and DevRo. Take me to their Website


Paul Klipp stated that they use Kanbanery in all their projects when coordinating with clients and remote team members. Tiffany Midgley described it as useful for just about everything, for big projects, small homework, client work and personal life.

Why Kanbanery

Visual tools provide information much faster and are less intimidating at the same time. Kanbanery is a productivity tool that can be applied to many things, ensuring visibility and transparency, creating a collaborative environment that supports teamwork, communication and efficiency. It is also very accessible, available via web and on mobile devices, as well as ready for third-party integration, although limited information was available about their iOS apps.

Company Info

Kanbanery sp. z o.o. is a privately held computer software and services company based in Krakow, Poland. It was founded in 2009 as a separate company by CEO Paul Klipp, owner of Lunar Logic. LL is a software development company that created and uses Kanbanery visual project management. As a separate company, Kanbanery is able to develop, operate and maintain its product/service.
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