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Overview Presentation

Kaiten is a Kanban-based online visual management system. It is simple to use like other visual applications. However, it has tools and features to handle more complex views of processes and flows. It is easier to manage a small team than a big one, but growth is an essential phase in and a desired objective by all businesses. This visual team and project management application enables users to have transparency on processes and people, so they can make insightful decisions based on the latest accurate project status and information.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Collaborative Workspace ‚Äì Kaiten lets team collaborate on a central workspace. It is a team application that provides real-time information, so every member gets the most up-to-date data needed to complete their task. Users can place several boards together in the workspace. Then, they can allow teammates and other partners to view them based on permissions granted.
  • Flexible Views, As Needed ‚Äì This visual management system focuses on processes instead of tasks. Thus, users can gather boards from other spaces and place them on a single view to show the high-level view of the whole business process. Conversely, a user can go to deeper levels to obtain the most granular details. So, from a high-level process view, a user can go to task-specific cards and see bottlenects and blocks that affect the workflow or the completion of a project.
  • Informative Visual Signals, Due Dates, Checklists, Relations, and more ‚Äì Kaiten provides a more informative system by highlighting and color-coding specific cards that block a workflow or a task. It can show cards that are blocked by other cards, or show the specific card that blocks others. Specific cards can contain detailed information, such as type, due dates, and effort size or estimates. They can contain checklists to further divide a task into subtasks, and relations to link cards that show dependence. Other features include comments, tags, user roles, and file uploads, with integration to Google Drive and Dropbox. It also has On The Go native iOS and Android apps.


Kaiten offers freemium pricing model. The Free plan is ideal for individuals, small teams and non-profit organizations. Workspaces are public. The Standard premium plan is priced at $7 per user per month billed annually, or $9 billed monthly. It includes all features, unlimited file storage, and support via chat and email. The Private Cloud plan is priced at $20 per user per month billed annually, or $25 billed monthly. It includes a dedicated cloud infrastructure, their own domain name, direct access to the database, and SSO, but requires a minimum of 100 users.

Social Network Presence

Target Market

Kaiten is ideal for small to mid-size businesses. Teams and organizations implementing Lean/Agile processes will receive the most benefit.

Supported Languages

English and Russian

Some of their Clients

No information is yet available.


Alena A. stated that she found the lanes, WIP limits, blocking option, and checklists that can be automatically added when creating cards and templates a most useful automation. She described it as a great tool for development. She is hoping for more intuitive statistical reporting. Gleb P. described it as a minimalistic tool with a great UI and reports. He believes the app follows the Kanban principle better than other visual tools. He is hoping for features that support the split/merge of cards and visual representation of card dependencies.

Why Kaiten

Teams and organizations with a focus on processes should look for a visual management system app like Kaiten. It supports Lean and Agile, has flexible and powerful views, but also remains simple to use. Therefore, teams can be supported in their work, but not spend too much time on the app. Instead, they can focus on collaborating and being creative on their actual job.

Company Info

Kaiten is a privately held information technology and services company with headquarters in Moscow, Russia. It was founded in 2014 by Slava Tsyrulnik, CEO, and Dimitry Abramov, Chief Officer. The team developed a visual management system with a focus on Lean processes. They believe that these processes can be implemented successfully not only on the team level, but also on the enterprise level. The added complexity on the enterprise level and the ability to cover team interaction while maintaining transparency requires a more powerful visual management system. However, they believe that this system should remain simple and easy to use.

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