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Overview Presentation

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Intervals is a web-based project management software with time tracking, task management and comprehensive reporting features. It is a simple and powerful solution that is not over-simplified but also not too complex. It evolved from a traditional ticketing system, and therefore, excels at workflow and managing the life of tasks. Its time tracking and task management is deeply integrated, such that tracking time is more natural. Because of this integration, reporting is also more powerful, able to break down the workday by projects and tasks.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Time Tracking, Task and Project Management ‚Äì Intervals web-based software integrates time tracking and task management. Time tracking features include task timers, weekly timesheet submission and approval, system generated reminders for past due timesheets, and visual reports. Users can also manually add time, or import time to any project or task. Task management features include task assignments by email, detailed task histories, task notes, milestones, drag and drop rescheduling, email updates on status changes, and data capture and archiving. Project management features include project budgets and estimate, real-time graphs, detailed reports, and visual dashboards.
  • Reporting and Invoicing ‚Äì This project management software provides detailed high level as well as granular reports and insight. Both visual and tabular reports are available, and can be exported to CSV and XML formats for easier manipulation in spreadsheet software. It has real-time graphing, Gantt charts, weekly trends, and Billable vs Non-billable time. Users can easily determine which clients and projects are taking the most time. Users can create detailed invoices quickly, and can be broken down to show the amount billed per task. It also has automated overdue invoice alerts. They can create freestyle invoices based on actual work performed. It can be delivered in different formats, and support second taxes.
  • Document Storage, Personalization, API and more ‚Äì Intervals also has document storage and sharing features for effortless collaboration. This allows teams to keep all their files in the same place where they manage and work. They can drag and drop files from their local computer for uploading, or attach documents from Google Drive. They can attach project documents, milestones or tasks, version control their files, or use tags for organization. The software allows for personalization, so users can upload their logo, select visual themes, and customize default settings. The API allows its customers to incorporate their Intervals data into their other applications. For example, they can automate input of data, or pull down for integration with other apps. It also integrates with many online tools such as Quickbooks, Google, Slack, Basecamp, Xero, and FreshBooks, among others. The PM software has a mobile app native to the iOS and Android platforms.
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Intervals offers seven simple monthly plans. All plans include unlimited users (except for the Lite plan) and all standard features. Plans range from $29/month with an allowance of 3 active projects to $259/month with an unlimited amount of active projects. A free 30-day trial period is offered.

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Target Market

Intervals is ideal for companies in web design, web development, consultancy, creative agencies, IT shops, marketing agencies, PR companies, and other SMBs. It provides great value and benefit for businesses looking for an integrated task management, time tracking, reporting, and collaboration online software, for both in-house and remote employees.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Discovery Communications, Ghirardelli, Lodge Cast Iron, Netgear, Hyundai, World Vision, Warner Brothers Pictures, and Xerox.

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Aimee Miller stated that she and her team absolutely love Intervals. It keeps their marketing department organized and on top of their hectic workload. Andreas Bollongino stated that for the first time in his 15-year consulting career, they are now well structured and communicating well with their clients. Invoicing is now fast and fun, too, with Intervals.

Why Intervals

Intervals is a modern business and collaboration tool. It provides its users accurate information such that they know exactly where their time and efforts are going. The software can handle their entire workflow, so they do not have to use multiple apps. It helps keep projects within scope and under budget and streamlines the process of time tracking, so users can spend less time managing and more time getting work done.

Company Info

Intervals is a product of Pelago, a privately held software development company based in Santa Barbara, CA, USA. It was founded in 2000 by John Reeve, Senior Developer and Designer; and Michael Payne, Chief Architect. Pelago is derived from the word archipelago. Back when it was a web design and development agency, it tried several time tracking and task management methodologies and applications. Unable to find a right fit, they decided to build their own in between client projects. The resulting software contains a perfect blend of time tracking, task management, and reporting features. Initially built for web designers and developers, it is now used also by consultants, creative agencies, IT shops, marketing agencies, PR companies, and other small businesses in over 100 countries and counting.
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