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intervalsOverview Presentation

Intervals is a web-based project management software with time tracking, task management and comprehensive reporting features. It was built by a web design and development agency originally for their own needs, but has been adopted by its clients and now widely used by many other organizations and industries. It aims to help teams and businesses track time and remain profitable especially those that bill on an hourly or per project basis. It provides a collaborative online workspace that facilitates successful delivery of projects, resulting in client satisfaction and business growth.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Task and Project ManagementIntervals allows its users to easily view the tasks assigned to them and when they are due. Users receive daily email reminders of what is due as well as updates regarding status changes. They can view the work history and all associated notes for every task. It has milestones for managing deliverables, drag and drop rescheduling and data capture and archiving. It uses the Predict, Track and Learn approach to project management better suited for smaller companies. From data that is entered by employees and staff, the software generates dynamic graphs, snapshot reports, detailed project activity reports and real time project tracking. Users are able to know if their teams are being maximized, or if budget is being exceeded, as well as other task, time and expense details.
  • Time Tracking, Reporting and Invoicing – Intervals web-based project management software includes time tracking features such as web-based timers for tracking time, weekly timesheet submissions and approvals, automatic reminders for past due timesheets, and visual reports. In one central place, users are able to retrieve data either in very granular views or view information at a high level. The reporting features provide a variety of real-time graphic and tabular reports that can be manipulated data-wise and exported to CSV and XML formats. Users can see weekly trends, determine which clients or projects are taking the most time, and differentiate billable vs unbillable time. From the same application, users can bill their clients and create invoices based on actual work performed. It also generates automated alerts for overdue invoices.
  • Document Storage, Personalization, API and more – This time tracking and project management software also provides document storage services for keeping all project and client related files in one place. Users can upload files to the tasks they are working on. It takes care of version control, document classification with tags, and high online accessibility without any file restriction. Users can also customize their interface for branding purposes by uploading a logo, selecting a visual theme or uploading their own CSS. Default items such as work types, hourly rates, priorities and others are customizable. It supports also non US currencies, non US time and date formats, and unicode characters including Mandarin and Chinese. The API enables users to build custom functionality using their data. It also has a web-based (HTML5) mobile app for users outside the office and on the road.

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Intervals offers five premium plans based on a maximum number of active projects and corresponding online storage space. For instance, at $25 per month, subscribers can work on a maximum of 15 active projects with 10 GB of storage space. All plans include for unlimited users. A free 30-day trial period is offered.

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Target Market

Intervals web-based time, task and project tracking software is ideal for freelancers, consultants, large departments and small to mid-sized businesses requiring professional service automation software. Web design and development agencies, agile and IT services, creative studios, startups, consultancy firms and those with subcontractor or remote workers will gain most benefit in using the software.

Supported Language

Interface is only in English.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Discovery, Dow, Cooper, Sodexo, Ghirardelli, World Vision, Netgear, Warner Brothers, Appfolio, KTLA5, and NBC Universal.

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Kara O’Brien of Unison Creative described Intervals as a great tool for helping them manage the workload of a growing company, providing insight into budgets, timeline and priorities.

Aimee Miller of Appfolio stated that the software keeps their marketing department organized and on top of their workload.

Why Intervals

Every team, organization and company that provides project delivery and work output to customers will benefit from online tools that help them track time, manage tasks and provide reporting and feedback. Intervals is a fully integrated business and productivity software that provides all these functions and more to keep business sustainable, profitable and growing.

Company Info

Intervals is the flagship hosted service of Pelago, a privately held web design and development agency and online software provider based in Santa Barbara, CA, USA. Founded in 2000 by Braden Jones, John Reeve and Michael Payne, the company whose name comes from the word archipelago, provides web development and production, web design, Internet business strategy and site maintenance to clients. As the company’s client base and projects grew, they found a real need for tracking time and managing tasks. After a few years of search and trial without finding a fit available in the marketplace, they built their own web-based project management app, built by and for designers, developers and creatives. Today, it is used also by teams in marketing, IT, and consultancy in over 100 countries and growing.

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