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Overview Presentation

Hygger.io (previously Atlaz, was rebranded to Hygger in December 2017) is an online project management application for agile teams. It integrates the best project management processes for software and product development into one solution. As a platform, it promotes visibility, adaptability and increased product value. Users are able to manage tasks, organize project dashboards, generate reports, monitor time, and track progress. In effect, teams have a more transparent and productive collaboration.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Agile Project Management ‚Äì Hygger.io online project management enable teams to improve their performance with support for agile processes and tools. For instance, it has a visual kanban board for tasks and workflows. It is also capable of tracking time, setting WIP limits, having swimlanes, sub-columns, and column categories. Tasks can inlcude checklists, attachments, and multiple members. It also has a visual sprint board that has tools for backlog, estimation, progress tracking, burndown charts, smart links, versions and releases.
  • Prioritized Development ‚Äì A backlog board allows users to collect ideas for the next features, and score them based on effort and value. With these information, they can easily view the best ideas from the chart. They are able to make informed decisions and select the best features that are needed and valuable. Smart links also enable the team to send tasks to development and track their progress.
  • Roadmap Boards, Native Mobile Apps, Integrations, and more ‚Äì Hygger has a Roadmap board that allows users to plan and visualize their releases. This board can be used to plan, communicate and visualize product strategy. They can manage the releases phase by phase and also keep all stakeholders informed. For staying in the loop even while on the go, native mobile apps for iOS and Android devices are available. The project management app also integrates with Slack, GitHub and Zendesk. Other features include organization by project and collections, live activity stream, inbox, conversation threads, and API, among others.


Hygger offers a freemium model pricing plan. Teams of up to 5 members are entitled to a free subscription. For greater than 5 members, Hygger offers premium subscription that is priced per range of users. For example, teams of 6 to 100 can avail of the application at $9 per user on a monthly basis. A free 14-day trial period is also offered.

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Target Market

Hygger.io online project management tool is ideal for teams and companies in software development, product development, design, marketing, sales, support, and human resource. It is a valuable tool for any team with project management needs, whether teams have technical only, or both tech and non-tech members.

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Some of their Clients

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Cassandra Beaulieu stated that she really liked Hygger. As a Trello user, she described Hygger as simple to use, has a useful activity stream, and generally great features. With free use for small teams, she finds nothing to complain about it. Martyna Maciaszczyk described it as a very nice tool. She stated that she found the project management application for her startup business.

Why Hygger

Hygger is a modern project management tool that is based on Agile, Lean and Kanban methodologies. It is a single and centralized solution that will help project teams be organized and productive through the inherent visibility and adaptability of the platform. All these results in better collaboration, successful delivery of project, and increased value of their products.

Company Info

Hygger.io is a privately held computer software company with headquarters in San Francisco, CA, USA. It was founded in 2015 by Mark Fedin and Alexander Sergeev. Hygger was created for teams that have both tech and non-tech people. In a previous company, Mark and Alexander were working on a software project that was successful, but also experienced difficulties in coordination of cross-functional teams. They needed a complete toolbox for managing their projects. So they built a tool that would always enable teams to realize their full potential. The company is committed to its philosophies of quality, continuous development, unity and collaboration, developing the highest human qualities, and sharing happiness.

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