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Overview Presentation

Hub Planner is an online resource management software. It is a modern and smart resource management, planning and scheduling tool with timesheets and powerful reporting. A complete solution for small, medium and enterprise-level business, it is the right alternative to spreadsheets for scheduling and booking people and projects on an intuitive calendar-type interface. Project managers, resource planners or CEOs see the big picture of what their team of resources are working on and when. It is built for every industry in mind, and is ready for managing multiple, geographically distributed offices.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Modern Resource Management and SchedulingHub Planner is a modern online resource management service that allows for easy booking of project time for resources. It uses simple drag and drop technology, so users can move or resize bookings quickly between team members. Users can view bookings on different scales such as from hours, days, weeks and months on the same grid, with up to 52 weeks availability view. It highlights overbooking and availability, has real-time filtering, and allows for fluid scrolling, right click menu, budgeting, grouping and even live schedule updating capabilities for multiple planners without the need to refresh the page. It also provides information on holidays, sick days, and %/hours per day/total hours.
  • Powerful Time-tracking and Reporting – This complete resource management software has timesheets that include a powerful time-tracking module and dynamic reporting features including billing and forecasting. The timesheets provide the full picture of scheduled vs actual time. These can be presented with smart graphs and charts to provide the user how a team’s or an individual’s week looks like. Different types of ready reports provide the user a clear idea of their working week. Some of these are line, bar, pie, polar and radar-type charts and graphs. The timesheets are intuitively designed so that time tracking is effortless. Aside from the charts and graphs, it also has small progress charts available beside each resource and category. It has time suggestions and customizable booking categories. Reports can be exported to Excel and CSV formats. Invoices can be created from reports as well.
  • Flexible Approval Workflow, Extensions, Templates and more – Hub Planner enables users to have an approval process for the entire company of resources, projects, events, and consultants. Admins and Project Managers have the ability to manage time submitted by teams through a visible and flexible workflow. The latest release of the software also includes Extensions that create added value to the already powerful core features. Approval Workflow, Timesheets, Project Manager and Custom Fields are optional extensions that allow users to install only those modules that apply to their workflow and required by the business. More options are coming soon. Since the software can cater to many types of industries, it has templates for quick setup of web agencies, HR, consultancies and more. It also has bulk importing features for resources, projects and bookings. It has iCal integration and API for third party applications. It is compatible with most browsers and accessible from iPhone, Android and Windows mobile devices.

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Hub Planner resource management software offers three plans: Plug & Play, Premium and Exterprise. The Plug & Play plan is priced at $7 per user per month, and the user chooses what extensions to install and pay for only those. The Premium plan at $14 includes all extensions with additional features/services such as a personal contact, personalized training sessions and pay by invoice feature. The Exterprise plan includes all Premium features with additional dedicated point of contact, custom branding option and SLA. All plans include unlimited projects, free extension upgrades, priority feature request and access to premium extensions. A 30-day free trial period is available. Discounts are available in annual plans.

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Target Market

Hub Planner is for businesses of all sizes, and applicable to all types of industries that manage resources and schedules.

Supported Languages

English for the interface, but can accept words in local language.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Orange Telecom, Adobe, Disney, Fantasy Interactive, Virgin, and Ericsson.

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Florian Roellig tweeted that Hub Planner works great by allowing him to see the following week ahead.

Raman Ramalingan recommended the software as a solution for having a simple and effective way for managing people and projects.

Why Hub Planner

In some businesses, resource management requirements are more important than task management. Managing resources using available software that focuses on task or project management will not solve the problem. Hub Planner is a resource management software first and foremost, with project management extension features. It is a scalable, highly accessible, flexible and efficient alternative to spreadsheets and other non-resource-oriented business tools.

Company Info

Hub Planner AB is a public company with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. It was co-founded by Stephen Martin, CEO and Jonas Eliasson, CTO. The software was launched in 2013 to address a need for a cutting-edge tool to help producers, managers, and anyone overseeing staff to take control of their resource planning efficiently. The company has over 15 years of management experience, and the software is continuously being improved since its launch. Last October 12, it released version 5.0 that included not only updates under the hood but also new features called Extensions, which create added value and allow users to better tailor-fit the software for their requirements. Hub Planner is dedicated to its mission to deliver a resource management solution for any team size, to build a tool around the development teams’ experience and to listen to customer feedback and suggestions.

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    We are quite interested in using this software, but as a matter of process we need to have a word with some companies who are using this software. Can someone help us in sharing feedback.

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