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Overview Presentation

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Hub Planner is an online resource management, scheduling, time tracking, and project planning software. It is a comprehensive platform that brings together several important functionality under a single location that is easy to use, smart, and beautifully designed. A complete solution for small, medium and enterprise-level business, it is the right alternative to spreadsheets for scheduling and booking people and projects. It is innovative with its set of features, intuitive with its smart interface, integrated to increase efficiency, and insightful with its analytic reports and dashboards.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Resource Scheduling and Time Tracking – Hub Planner has resource scheduling tools designed for project managers and their project team members. It promotes transparency, clarity, and visibility, providing information on availability while making it easy to schedule resources. The software can be used to plan in hours, days, weeks and months, and will quickly show gaps in schedule and production, so that users can be proactive in solving conflicts, as well as scheduling for new business. They can easily find resources based on any business logic, such as skills and location matching. It has a built-in dynamic heat map feature, a simple drag and drop scheduler, easy sidebar navigation and grouping, and pipeline work planner. The Timesheets feature gives an integrated time-tracking module that allows team members to report actual time on projects and events. Smart graphs and charts provide an interactive and visual overview of their week. Booked and Scheduled time is automatically reflected in real time, so they know their assignments. They can choose to confirm or offer an alternative time.
  • Project Planning – The online resource management software has project planning tools tightly integrated into their scheduling. Users can obtain a portfolio view of all projects on the schedule, and see milestones, phases, and special dates of a project from a top level view. They can set and control budgets of projects, in hours or in cash. It works with multiple currencies, and can set specific project hourly rates. Phases can be added in the project for better control and organization of project processes. Single project view provides managers the status of the budget, and can show any change in real time whenever there is a booking. Users can share information about the project, booking, or time entry via notes. They can be used to specify tasks, requirements, or the nature of the assignment. The project dashboard gives a snapshot of individual projects or projects grouped together.
  • Reporting, Analytics, Mobile Resource Planner, Premium Extensions, and more – Hub Planner comes with a report builder that can generate complete resource and project reports. Users can cross reference data in the system to create meaningful reports for the business. They can group up to 3 levels of nested data into smart groups, and drill down to individual line items. Templates help to get projects started quickly, and project reports are represented as pivot table that can be exported. The Mobile resource planner is accessible from any mobile device without having to download any apps. It works across browsers and platforms. It provides a compact version of the scheduler and allows users to view ongoing and planned projects, as well as resources and their availability. They can edit, tweak, change or create new projects and resources while on the go. Premium extensions are also available to transform the core software into a complete enterprise-level resource management platform. They can choose to add approval workflow, custom fields, smart groups, project manager, vacation and leave management, and tasks, among others.
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Hub Planner offers 3 pricing plans. The Plug & Play plan is priced at $7 per resource per month. It includes the scheduler, full reports, unlimited projects, access to premium extensions, free extension upgrades, and priority feature request. The Premium plan is at $18 per resource per month, with all of the features included in the Plug & Play plan, but with all extensions included, a personal Hub Planner contact, personalized training session, priority support, and more. A custom Enterprise plan is also available. Interested users can try the software 60 days for free.

Hub Planner Pricing 2019

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Target Market

Hub Planner is for businesses of all sizes, from small businesses like digital web agencies, and boutique shops, mid-sized businesses of 50 to 400 resources, up to enterprises with several large teams. It can be used in any industry.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Adobe, Siemens, DirecTV, Havas, Sony, and Pfizer.

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Agata stated that it offers excellent team management and scheduling. But she hopes that it would be more affordable, and can integrate with Xero software. Julie described it as incredibly well-designed and user-friendly product. It is a great visual tool to plan capacity and help make quick decisions. She wishes for an automated reporting feature where she can connect directly to the database.

Why Hub Planner

Hub Planner is a resource management software with project management extension features. It is a scalable, highly accessible, flexible and efficient alternative to spreadsheets and other non-resource-oriented business tools. Users whose primary concern is scheduling, but also need other features such as timekeeping, project planning, task management, and mobility integrated with it will find great benefit and value in using the software.

Company Info

Hub Planner AB is a public company with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. It was co-founded by Stephen Martin, CEO and Jonas Eliasson, CTO. The software was launched in 2013 to address a need for a cutting-edge tool to help producers, managers, and anyone overseeing staff to take control of their resource planning efficiently. The company has over 15 years of management experience, and the software is continuously being improved since its launch. Hub Planner is dedicated to its mission to deliver a resource management solution for any team size, to build a tool around the development teams’ experience and to listen to customer feedback and suggestions.
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