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Overview Presentation

Hitask is an online task management tool for teams. It has features for managing to-do lists, projects, team communication and shared calendars. The software is designed first and foremost to be easy to use. It has a simplified interface where users can complete their projects and get work done with less overhead. This also means that users will have less time learning how to use the product, lesser time to train new staff, and be able to complete tasks in no time at all. As a result, people can work right away at their projects and business, things that matter most.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Easy-to-Use, Single Screen DashboardHitask has a single screen dashboard that provides users all the tools for their task and project management and team collaboration. From a single point, users can expand individual tasks for more details or to modify them. The drag-and-drop technology also allows users to assign tasks and move their position on the list to modify order or priority. From a single interface, users can switch between tabs to group and organize tasks by date, project, context, or team member. They can have an overview of tasks, schedules and events with a single glance using the team calendar. No need to switch screens.
  • Task Management, Project Collaboration – Users can simply click on a particular task, then drag it on to the name of the person at the team area of the screen for task assignment. They can easily assign tasks and projects to each other, add comments, and modify shared items. Enabling the Shared option makes a task or project visible to all, and members with the right permission can change or complete tasks. Everyone on the team receives a notification when a scheduled event is created, when a task is completed, with a new assignment or comment. Users can also attach files to a task for sharing documents.
  • Reports, Multi-platform, Integration, and more – Hitask allows users to generate time reports to see the amount of time spent on tasks. It also has a progress report with task breakdown, and team member report to provide overview of assigned tasks and its progress on individuals. The task management tool has native apps for iOS and Android platforms and supports major browsers. It also has an offline work mode. The application can synchronize with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. Users can create tasks using their email, and integrate with 3rd party apps using Zapier. A public API is also available. For security, SSL/HTTPS encryption in communications is used, as well as redundant data mirroring with continuous encrypted backups.

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Hitask offers freemium pricing scheme. Teams of up to 5 users can use the software for free. Features include unlimited tasks and projects, shared task lists, projects and calendars, calendar sync, limited reporting and 0.5 GB of file storage per team. The Team Business plan at $4.98 per user per month includes all free features with the addition of higher storage space, comprehensive reporting, and selective sharing and access permissions. Support is available 24 hours via email and web portal.

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Target Market

Hitask is for teams of all sizes. Industries that greatly benefit from this task management tool are marketing agencies, design companies, startups, and IT/software companies.

Supported Languages

Supports English, Spanish, Russian, French, German, Turkish, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, and Portuguese.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Evergreen Marketing, Neko Design, Vishonn, and JM Consulting.

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J. Evergreen recommends Hitask to businesses that manage multiple clients, numerous projects, and those who have employees or contractors that work remotely.

Nick P. described the online tool as a lifesaver. It made setting up and managing projects easy, such that everyone is on the same page and daily workflow is very organized.

Why Hitask

Hitask is a team productivity tool that has built-in task management, project collaboration and reporting tools in one, easy-to-use application. Moreover, it is smartly and intuitively designed that people find it easy to use and use it immediately, thereby improving the teams efficiency in just a short time.

Company Info

Hitask was created by Roman Roan and Anton Sulsky in 2006 while with Vide Infra Group, a design and technology agency company. It was developed as a friendly and easy-to-use task management system. Today, the service is brought by Human Computer LLC, a company based in Houston, TX, USA and in Sydney, Australia. The company specializes in products that are easy and fun to use, offering great user experience. The software was released publicly in March 2007. Since then, it is continuously developed and enhanced with new features.

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    I was looking for some reviews on hitask and thought this one is spot on. Thanks

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    Hitask is the best project management tool out there. Thanks

  3. I found hittask to be too lightweight and have too little support to be useful. For example you can’t convert between different types of items (say note to task). When asked support wouldn’t answer if they were even considering adding this feature. They just didn’t answer the email.

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