Genius Project: The Solution to the Challenges of Email and Excel

Genius Project The Solution to the Challenges of Email, Excel and Desktop FoldersIt comes as no surprise that email, excel spreadsheets and desktop folders are considered ineffective tools for managing projects. Their limitations for storing & sharing documents, planning and collaborating are indisputable and ripe with complication. They definitely have their uses (and let’s be honest, we’re all a little guilty of obsessing over our emails) but managing project information and teams is a process that requires a considerably more sophisticated system. Enter the Genius Project solution – a powerful project management system with the functions and capabilities to keep your projects organized and on track.

To get more specific, let’s breakdown how Genius Project can eliminate the limitations of email, excel and desktop folders.

Document Management

Genius Project is designed to safe guard all your documents in a protected library with versioning capabilities – so that you can be clear on which version is the most updated. The system allows users to attach files and documents to tasks, deliverables, project descriptions and any other carrier of information. One of the features users find most useful is the ability to integrate project documents in any format, ie. Excel, Word, WordPro, Photoshop, AutoCad, Adobe Acrobat – you name it. These files can then be edited directly in the system, ensuring everyone is reading and working on the latest version. This is a direct solution for saving desktop space and limiting email exchanges.


All too often documents disappear from email inboxes and desktop folders; and excel spreadsheets are prone to errors because of their auto correct feature. With Genius Project, users can define how long they wish to have access to documents that are sent to trash. But even at that, there’s always a way to recover deleted documents, so that you can rest easy. As long as you have the access permission, you can access any document, any time.


Genius Live! is the software’s online collaboration platform. This feature allows for project forums and discussions, email and to-do notifications, live chatting and provides project managers and team members instant access to project information. The social tool delivers a single page view such as that seen on a Facebook wall; in this case, the news feed consists of project updates and statuses. And as to be expected, it’s accessible from multiple devices for access on the go.


There’s no denying that email, excel spreadsheets and desktop folders have little to no capabilities when it comes to project planning. Genius Project has a multi-project Gantt Chart where tasks, phases and resources can be specifically defined. Known as Genius Planner, this planning feature allows users to assign and link tasks, determine a timeline, estimate costs and resource requirements. The best part is its visual component, which provides an in-depth view into deliverables and their dependents.


Genius Project’s servers are located in Softlayer, an IBM Company with state-of-the art facilities. Their multi-level approach for shielding customer data against physical and electronic threats ensures maximum uptime and protection. GP’s clients also have the ability to define their security requirements for internal use, by setting up the proper access permissions for each user, and based on each project or project document.

More reasons to love Genius Project:

genius project logoGenius Project is available as cloud-based and on-premise, which means project information is always accessible online (depending on permission levels) and not trapped onto someone’s desktop. The software is equipped with powerful features for time tracking, resource management, dashboards, reporting and so much more. For a detailed view on how Genius Project can improve your project management processes and help you deliver successful projects on time and on budget, take a look at software review we made.

Diana Eskander

Diana Eskander

Diana is a copywriter at, makers of Genius Project. They believe that powerful collaboration software doesn’t have to be complicated and it’s with usability and efficiency in mind that they deliver the best in class portfolio and project solutions. They provide a complete set of process-driven, device agnostic tools, adapted to the realities of today’s project-based workforce, that seamlessly work together to enhance productivity.

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