Genius Project Releases Latest Version 8.0

genius project logoGenius Project continues to provide a project and portfolio management solution that makes the lives of its customers easier. In its more than 15 years history, it remains dedicated to provide project managers a powerful enterprise software but easy to use at the same time. Very recently, it announced the release of Version 8.0 that includes many new features and enhancements based on customer requests and towards a better user experience.

New Interface and other additions

Genius Project PPM software is introducing a new user-centered interface. The clean, streamlined look now puts the main menu on the left-hand side. Users only see the menu items that they have access to. For instance, if a user only has access to timesheets, this will be the only item on his/her panel, simplifying the navigation of the application. Also, new field types are now available in forms. The computed field type calculates value based on contents while the value range field type is displayed with a slider, where the parameters of the range is determined by the user.

genius project v8 interface

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Also, users can add color rules up to a maximum of 8 for more detailed organization of project information. Another addition is the automatic propagation of any additional field defined for the Resource document in the Resources database to that of the Resource document in the Projects database. The link is accessible from the drop-down menu of the user name.

genius project add coloration

Quicker Project Creation and Login

Creating a project description in Genius Project Version 8 without a wizard is now again possible. This is a quicker way since only the project title and a few mandatory fields are required. The option to use the wizard is still available for those who want a step-by-step guidance in filling out all project information. Another speed enhancement is the ability for new resources to login after their accounts have been created. Instead of waiting up to 30 minutes, new resources can immediately login and participate with project work.

genius project create description 2

Enhanced ability to Import

Genius Project PPM software now includes the ability to import resources, unavailability, and public holiday documents from CSV files into the Resources database. This can be completed in the general setup view of the database. However, users should use the correct format of each file to complete the action, which is available in the documentation. In another enhancement, information about team leaders and their members are now stored in the Assignment document and available in the Assignment configurable view.

genius project import csv 3

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More Export View options

For the export view, additional scheduling options are now available. With Version 8, it is now possible to specify if the scheduled export of a view will be generated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Furthermore, on weekly schedules, users can specify the week day the report will be generated, such as every Wednesdays and Fridays. For the monthly schedule, users can indicate the date, such as every 1st and 15th of the month. Another enhancement is the availability of all types of generic documents and subsequent additional fields in the new Generic Document – Configurable View.

genious project export view

Two-stage Timesheet Approval, editable Gantt Chart and more

Genius Project Version 8 now also has a two-stage timesheet approval option, where in the first stage, project leaders approve details line by line. When approved, team leaders can approve the timesheet at the second stage. Also, timesheets are automatically populated with approved unavailability of the resources. Another enhancement is the ability to edit detailed multi-project Gantt Chart of the project portfolio in the Projects database. To know more of what’s new in Genius Project, visit their Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn page.

genius project 2-approval timesheet

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