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Overview Presentation

Ganttic is an online resource planning software for teams and businesses of all sizes. It is beneficial for managing projects and portfolios while planning resources for maximum efficiency. It is flexible and customizable, so users can create clear and comprehensive visual plans that can give instant overview of all resources and projects. Users can choose how deep and detailed their plans will be, from simple resource scheduling that can be done in 10 minutes, or a thorough management of a project of 2 weeks, where teams see what they need to do as well as communicate with notes and custom data fields. It offers a unique approach so that plans can be seen from different perspectives, such as from resources’, projects’ or tasks’ perspective.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Plan Resources and Projects ‚Äì Ganttic online resource planning software enables users to manage resources from a single page, be it teams, rooms, equipment, vehicles or any other resource used repeatedly in business. Resources can be grouped in various ways, and custom data fields allow users to group resources by custom values such as location, department, skill set, and more. The planner can be personalized according to chosen settings such as working time and time zones. Permission can also be set for users, who can see all or selected resources only, and who can or cannot add/edit tasks. The latest update now allows users to see and manage separate view tabs of different projects and single project views, grouping or sorting of resources in a different way, and customization through filters. They can apply a chosen information flow and look at it while working or apply and save the filters and chosen sorting/grouping. They can also manage multi-resource planning and tasks more conveniently with visible information straight from the Task Dialog window.
  • Control the Workload ‚Äì The resource planning software allows users to set the working hours of each resource. They can also plan using task duration or by effort. Simply input selected aspects of task timing data, and the rest will be automatically calculated. After creating a task, a utilization graph will be displayed with computed information that is easily understandable. Also, concurrent tasks can be set with different utilizations. All in all, users set their priority and make adjustments through a flexible and intuitive UI.
  • Adjust Level of Details, Create Reports, Download Native Apps, and more ‚Äì Users can group resources according to their needs. They can color tasks and projects with tailored schemes to provide systematic and instant overview. Filtering enables them to find the exact resources, tasks and projects they are specifically looking for. Furthermore, they can customize each view by choosing everything from how wide the Gantt charts are, to the type of utilization graphs displayed. A task notification system helps keep track of all chosen changes in the tasks, with admin users having the ability to set notifications for their colleagues. Also, users can generate different kinds of reports. They can select the fields they want to include as well as choose if they want it to be task-, resource-, or project-driven. They can save the reports in CSV or PDF format and print them out. Report parameters can be set to automatically send it out daily, weekly or monthly. The latest update allows users to drag and drop data they would like to group and get totals about, or the table data which adds more details when creating the report. Native iOS and Android apps are also available for users working on the go. Other features include history, dependencies, Google Calendar sync, advanced task timing, recurring tasks, tracking of used time, and more.


Ganttic offers a free plan and several premium plans based on a maximum number of resources. All plans include for unlimited users, tasks, projects, and reports. unlimited users means anyone from your team can access the software regardless of how many resources you have in use. For example, the Free plan is up to 10 resources only. The Pro 20 plan can manage up to 20 resources and is priced at $25 per month or $250 a year. The company offers a 14-day free trial period.

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Target Market

Ganttic resource planning software is for companies big and small and everything in between. It is valuable to a wide array of industries that include the service industry, manufacturing, design, car rental and software development, among others. It is ideal for managing resources, schedules, tasks and projects.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include Wincor Nixdorf, Viewpoint Construction Software, Monday Interactive Marketing, KiteTeam, Innopolis Engineering, and Ab Ovo.



Julien Mascort, a software operations manager, stated that they were struggling to find a resource or project planning tool to help their project managers share the same resources without overbooking them. Ganttic was the first tool they tried out, and they stopped checking the competition because it was the exact tool they were looking for. She described it as simple with its drag and drop, which made everything easier. They were able to sort out overbookings fast, and track workload the way it is supposed to be done.

Ken Gerts was looking for a solution that offers more visibility to their consultant scheduling problem. When they were smaller, they would do everything in Outlook. However, they grew from 15 employees to 400 in 5 years, and Outlook quickly grew obsolete. Setting up Ganttic was easy. He stated that they were able to see issues in advance using customized color scheme. This led to increased coordination and improvements in the scheduling of their consultants.

Diogo Rom√£o and his team were struggling with ineffective weekly planning meetings that took hours to finish. Using Ganttic for project and resource planning enabled them to have a quick overview of what is coming, predict constraints, and manage the production pipeline. He liked the nice interface which was accessible by staff through browsers, as well as being integrated with their LCD screen in their facilities. This makes planning very accessible, and everyone can have a quick glimpse of what is to come.

Why Ganttic

Ganttic is a web-based resource allocation software that provides several perspectives and customizable views for efficient project planning and workload management. It is ideal for businesses that handle multiple simultaneous projects with the same limited resources, so resources are not overbooked. It is an effective resource usage and scheduling tool that also helps make project portfolio management easier.

Company Info

Ganttic LLC is a privately held computer software company with headquarters in Tartu, Estonia. It was launched in 2010, but the team’s history dates back to 2002, when founders Indrek Kuldkepp, Ivar Veenpere, and Rainer Kivimaa started developing software solutions for the woodworking industry. Fueled by the success of WoodWare Systems, they began working on a simple and affordable scheduling tool for any company in any industry with the need to manage resources. Yutiti was launched in 2008, which was embraced by clients who gave positive feedback. And so, this led to a simplified web-based resource allocation software that was launched in 2010, called Ganttic. To-date, the team continues to develop their systems, tools and people.

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