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Overview Presentation

EPM Live is a tool that can be used by any organization whether small or large. This tool is known to be very good at project portfolio management, which is a crucial part of any organization. It helps in the moving of the work, projects and other tasks that your organization might have. EPM Live brings with it a work engine, a project engine and a portfolio engine, which are meant to help every organization to move forward in what they do.

Features, Benefits and Strengths

  • Enables new product management: Enables you to manage new projects that you are working on. This encourages innovativeness and supports the effective running of an organization.
  • Supports application portfolio management: Helps you to create work that is supported by applications that are concerned with IT operations. Not many applications will allow you to create a good portfolio. This supports gaining of profits and business growth for companies that use EPM Live.
  • Supports management of business engagements: Allows you to manage your business through taking care of your time, your finances, your resources and the expenses that you will incur as you run your business.
  • Customer management: the software makes it easy for you to manage your customers and clients. It is known to be the best tool n doing this and it is continuing improving in this sector. You will be able to manage your projects and your services at the same time that you manage your customers.
  • Supports team communication: Allows for members of a team who are working on the same project to be able to communicate with each other efficiently. This is in order to enable them to get alerts and notifications once information is communicated to them and they are able to communicate and get forward with completing the projects that are at hand.
  • Supports planning tools: Supports many planning tools that can be used by you to plan how you will run your business. The tools will help you allocate resources for different projects and they will help you to plan the time that projects should be performed and the tools that will be used to perform these projects.

What is the Pricing of EPM Live?

When you sign up for EPM Live, you will first get a free trial that you will use to determine if you will purchase the software or not. After this, depending on the type of engine that you want you will pay a certain amount per month. The project engine is always free. The work engine, after the trial month requires that you pay $20 per user and $30 per user for the portfolio engine.

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Target Market

The software fits for all kinds of businesses who want to improve their productivity. It is also very efficient for those businesses that deal with portfolios.

Some of Their Clients

  • Chain, Amyline, Biosite, Hannover, Toshiba.
  • Honda, Amatel Communications, Skyworks, Us Navy Seabees.


NASA/JPL – National Government Agencies: “We will see cost savings from deploying EPM WorkEngine by eliminating the need to create copies of schedules. Merging SharePoint Server with our enterprise project management solution will also create savings and greater efficiencies for all employees “

The Travel Channel – Television Broadcasting: “We would have not been able to transition from a privately held company to a publicly held company while meeting all Sarbanes-Oxley requirements without EPM Live timesheets. ”

Emblem Healthcare – Health Services: “Emblem health automates project funding requests with Portfolio Engine to forecast spending and minimize overages. “

Why EPM live?

With EPM live, it does not matter what kind of business you are running. This tool will always be relevant for your business. This is in terms of communication with your clients and employees, planning of projects and managing of projects, resources and tools.

Company Info

EPM Live is a leading company in the creation of project and work management solutions. It has offices in both the UK and the US. The company has really grown since its inception in the year 1999. EMP has managed to build very strong relationships with its clients and it currently serves over five thousand customers. The company has been able to make a name for itself in the software creation scene and it has a Microsoft partner. The company has not stopped there. It continues to grow in the way that it serves its customers.

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