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Overview Presentation

Epicflow is a multi-project management software designed for today’s dynamic business environment. Many available tools will let you and your team plan, work, and collaborate well for a single project. When multiple projects are happening, using the same template on simultaneous projects with more resources eventually results in delays or failure. Epicflow provides the tools to monitor and analyze the schedule of multiple projects and output of resources so you can plan better, allocate effectively, and control outcomes.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Project and task managementEpicflow multi-project management software was designed to help users plan, execute, and control projects running simultaneously. It has a unique algorithm that releases and removes bottlenecks as soon as they appear. The Pipeline overview gives a centralized view of all projects and milestones including ongoing and inactive projects. It has a Future Load Graph that shows the load on available resources and if they will become overloaded in the future. An interactive Gantt chart shows an editable project schedule that displays details about schedules, dependencies, user stories, and milestones. The software has a powerful What-If Analysis feature that allows you to see what will happen to your projects if you change or don’t change resource allocations. It also has several task management tools such as timesheet, task list, and task card, so you can prioritize based on demand.
  • Resource management – The multi-project resource scheduling tool automatically monitors load and capacity so you can maximize output with your resource allocation. The Resource Management Overview page lets you control and manage the capacity and availability of resources and resource groups. With a view of projects at the resource level, you can maintain a balance between workloads and actual capacity. Create, analyze, and manage employee resource groups directly in Epicflow or through a link with external systems. Perform joint analysis of different resource groups with Multigroups feature. Include material and other physical resources in addition to people for more accurate project planning.
  • Performance analysis, integrations, mobile apps, and more – Epicflow has powerful performance analysis tools that include bubble graph dashboards, historical data, future load graph, burn-up chart, and several budget view tools. Performance analysis tools give you access to crucial data of important project elements. Monitor, analyze, and predict activities to improve output or avoid issues. integrate the software with other tools such as Jira Software, MS Projects, Oracle Primavera, and more through CSV or API. Access project information and update as you go with native mobile apps for Android and iOS devices. Check task lists, change task status, and perform other activities conveniently while working from home.


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Target Market

Epicflow can be used by all types of businesses and organizations. It is ideal for mid-sized businesses to large enterprises that require a solution to manage multiple projects, programs, and portfolios.

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Some of their Clients

Clients include BiC, KPN Mobile, TKF Cables&Systems, VieCuri Medical Center, De Keizer Marine, and Pilz Automation Technology.



Edwin Kuiper is a partner manager of a mobile telecommunications company with millions of subscribers around Europe. Although demand was high, their production was not able to keep up. Deadlines were missed, customers were unsatisfied, and employees were overloaded. After using Epicflow software, efficiency improved, completion time was halved, late orders were reduced, and employees are more proactive than reactive. Edwin stated that they are now able to deliver on time with improved service that is faster and more efficient.

Hans de Boer is the R&D Director of a connectivity solutions manufacturing company. Swamped with more projects than they could handle, they first tried MS Project to help with their project planning. However, the software lacked the needed features to handle their complex multi-project situations. When they integrated it with Epicflow, they were able to meet all objectives. Hans reported that project output doubled, team members are no longer overloaded, and project managers are able to balance successfully the workloads with actual capacity.

Why Epicflow

Epicflow enables companies to plan and manage their programs and portfolios of projects effectively by automatically factoring in resources, capacity, and workload. This leads to right priorities and balanced workload, optimizing project management so that deadlines are met, budgets are kept, and quality is achieved by a proactive, happy, and inspired workforce.

Company Info

Epicflow is a privately-held software company based in Amsterdam. It was founded in 2006 by Albert Ponsteen and Jan Willem Tromp and their team of scientists and professionals. Previously called Flow MPM, it was an innovative offline project management solution designed to address basic problems in multi-project environments: wrong priorities, overload, and overhead. In 2017, the software was upgraded to a web-based multi-project management software called Epicflow.


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