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ebility-logoeBillity is a time tracking software that enables you to enter time from any device from anywhere-be it your office, coffee bars or even from your home in pyjamas. One of the greatest advantages of this software is that you can add time in many unique ways: minutes, hours and decimals with the help of a timer or on the basis of start and end times. Your employees can track time from their iPad, iPhone, laptop, Outlook, or Windows Phone that makes the process of billing and payroll easier.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Manage Your Team Easily-The dashboard of eBillity makes the process of approving the time entries of your employees simple and easy. All their entries appear in a single place and you can make immediate changes before you decide to approve for billing or payroll. The software also gives a lot of importance to safety and privacy. In order to gain access to confidential information of the company, a user needs to have a valid permission.
  • Get to Understand the Productivity Level of Your Team-eBillity’s report allows you to understand the productivity of your team easily. The tool also assists you to view both billable and non-billable hours, with the reports being easy to build, send and share. You can track the amount of time you’ve logged for every single client, which can help you identify those customers that are costing or making you maximum money.
  • Monitor the Activity Time of Your Employee and Set Roles– You can now keep track of the number of hours your employees spend on various clients and get a snapshot of approved, pending and submitted time entries. Create customized teams depending on the type of client you have, and make your manager or bookkeeper the admin. Once this is done, you can keep a tab on the clients who can be seen by your contractors and vendors.


Every plan of eBillity comes with a free trial of 30 days without any credit card needed. However, if you like the software after the trial period expires, you just need to select a plan. The image below gives you a fair idea of the pricing of eBillity. ebility-pricing

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Target Market

eBillity has been designed for companies to track time and expenses from any part of the globe. It helps to get you rid of the manual tracking and bothersome administration process. In fact, it’s designed for anyone who bills by the project or number of hours. Consultants, lawyers, accountants, programmers, designers and tradesperson can benefit a lot from this service.

Supported Languages

The software supports English and Spanish.

Some of Their Clients

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A user by the name of Buddy states that the app is self-explanatory and easy to use. He also appreciates their customer support team as the entire staff is helpful and nice. According to FWS from the US, the favorite feature of this tool is that it syncs seamlessly with Quickbooks and has made his life relatively easier. Fur from SLc, UT says that he was looking for an easy solution to get customer billing out that integrates with Quickbooks for Windows and eBillity was extremely easy to install, with a great price point.

Why eBillity

eBillity is an easy-to-use time tracking software that will free you from manual entries for billing, payroll and expenses when the month comes to an end. Using the platform, the productivity of your employees can be monitored and optimized via a broad range of customizable reports. Freelancers and other people in the industry, who despise the idea of accounting for their billable time and chasing clients for payments, can now use this strong tool that automates most of the time tracking via invoicing and payment processors. So, these people can focus on what they love the most: making money.

Company Info

eBillity was developed by two Brooklyn-based childhood friends-Murray Hidary and Douglas Dweck. They started doing business in their early twenties and spent a great deal of time on manual work, such as tracking time spent on jobs, calculating employee hours for payroll etc. However, they always had a burning desire to find out how exactly their employees had spent their time during the course of the week. It was out of this zeal that eBillity was formed. The software has many features that can be used to pay invoices, check for disputes, and getting things synchronized to make life easier. Besides gathering information on time, the software can also handle different aspects, such as the creation of branded invoice and billing. https://youtu.be/RGFLJh-7EEU

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