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Doodle is an online scheduling service that is free and easy to use. Instead of sending several emails to every person that is being invited for a meeting or get-together until a tentative date is arrived at, and then calling each one for confirmation, users can now accomplish this in a few simple steps, taking only a total of two emails. It is the world’s leading online scheduling service that works with existing calendar apps and lets users upload their profiled schedule online for receiving meeting requests.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Simplified SchedulingDoodle offers several online solutions that simplify the scheduling of meetings, events and appointments. It allows users to schedule an event for free, even without registering for an account, although the one-time registration is recommended. Registering can even be done using one’s Facebook or Google+ sign-on or an email address. After putting in general information such as name and email address, the user can pick the tentative date(s) and time(s) for the event, choose a basic poll or select additional settings and conditions, and send the invitation.
  • Centralized and On the go – This online scheduling service also offers MeetMe, a personal profile page connected to a personal calendar. Business partners and friends can go to this page and instantly see which days and times are busy and which are free for the user. They can even submit meeting requests easily. The user, in turn, can see and manage all the requests in a central hub. For those on the go, they can use the mobile web version or download the native apps for iOS or Android.
  • Premium Services, Custom Branding, and more – Doodle also offers a premium service for both Private (single user) and Business (up to 1000 users). Premium services include features for custom design and branding, calendar integration, additional information requests, automatic or manual email reminders, end-to-end SSL encryption, custom subdomain and user management functionality.

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Doodle online scheduling service is free for a single user. There are premium services also for a single user (Private) or multiple users (Business). Premium include additional features and can be tried for free for 30 days. If the user decides not to subscribe to premium service, he or she will have the free account. Payment is yearly, $39 for Private and $69 for Business.

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Target Market

Doodle is for any person or organization who wants a hassle-free, online scheduling tool.

Supported Languages

Doodle supports more than 25 languages, including English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Danish, Swedish, Turkish, Arabic, Indonesian and Hebrew.

Some of their Clients

Clients include individuals and teams from Apple, Nike, UPS, Google and Coca Cola.

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Natalie described Doodle in her blog as an amazing tool that can be used in school, work, home life and anytime that she needs to find a date that works for multiple people.

Jamie Thingelstad described Doodle’s new iOS app as nicely done, light years ahead of where it was before.

Why Doodle

Finding a common date/time that involves multiple people for an event or meeting has always been tedious and tiring for the one organizing. Doodle online scheduling service simplifies the process with the use of a polling/voting system that takes advantage of the Internet, mobile devices and other web technology. The whole process becomes very easy, and more features are being added for better collaboration at work or play.

Company Info

Doodle AG is a privately held web service company based in Zurich, Switzerland. It was founded in 2007 by Michael Naf and Paul Sevinc. After a year, they secured funds from investors and launched the online scheduling service for free with advertisements. In 2009, it released a premium service with additional features. In 2010, it was serving 6 million users and reached break-even status. In the following years, it added more features and platforms and continued to attract millions more users as well as Swiss Media Group Tamedia which acquired a minority share. In 2014, Founders Naf and Sevinc stepped down and handed leadership to Michael Brecht, CEO, while Tamedia acquired 100 percent of the shares and put in additional investments to further the company’s international growth.

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