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Contatta is a cloud-based software for team collaboration and email. The word can mean to “make contact ” in Italian, and it is an application that helps people make contact, communicate, and collaborate in an effective way across any device. It is a complete software with its own client email as compared to a set of different integrated programs trying to appear as one. It is a productivity tool that tries to streamline how people use email as its central application without overextending its intended use. It is a collaborative platform that allows for central contact management, quick social communication, one-to-one private messaging, efficient task reminders, organized file sharing, and more.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Workrooms and Email – Contatta cloud-based team collaboration software allows users to create workrooms where they can invite team members, customers, partners and vendors for faster and more organized communication. Workrooms have an advantage over email such that it can create real-time threaded discussions for one-to many or many-to-many communication. Posting of ideas, sharing of documents and assignment of tasks are done faster and more efficiently. Users can subscribe to a workroom to stay updated over a project or discussion, and using @mention provides direct user notification. In addition, it also has its own client email that works best for one-to-one, private communication without having to use another third-party application. Users can quickly transfer tasks and contacts out of the inbox and into workrooms.
  • Task and File Management – Tasks are taken out of the inbox and into collaborative workrooms where they are easily assigned and tracked. The inbox now returns as an email application, and not as a to-do list which it is not built for. Tasks can be easily shared or set as private. They can also be linked with files and emails to have its full context and history, and become easy to search for. Files can be uploaded with drag-and drop command. This team collaboration and email platform also works with Google Drive and Dropbox.
  • Contact and Sales Deal Management, and more – Users can find contact info, notes, emails, files, tasks, and social feeds with one click on the name of a contact in Contatta. Adding new contact is quick and easy, even without the need to type. The team collaboration software can parse information such as in a sender’s email signature. It can pull in a contact’s social media feeds, and it organizes a database of contact information that can be shared or kept private. Users can track sales deals, and other customer information in context through one platform. It works on all browsers, desktops, notebooks, Apple or Android tablets and smartphones. It uses bank-strength security to protect data. Chat, calendar, and native iOS and Android apps are soon to be added.
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Contatta team collaboration and email application is free for 30 days. At the end of this trial period, the user will be prompted to enter their credit card information at the next successful log in. Users are automatically billed $10 per user monthly on the same day of each month. They can cancel at anytime. One Small Price, Start collaborating better now with your 30 day trial

Social Network Presence

Target Market

Contatta can be used by individuals, startups, small- to -mid-sized businesses, large organizations and enterprises in any industry.

Supported Languages

Currently, the software supports only US English. Non-US language support will be added in the future.

Some of their Clients

Clients include WireBuzz, Lawlytics, and Cargill Consulting Group, Inc. Take me to their Website


Marcus Krieg of WireBuzz stated that Contatta Workrooms are faster than Basecamp because it integrates with email. Dan Jaffe of Lawlytics described the team collaboration software as the better alternative to email where important tasks remain forgotten in the inbox.

Why Contatta

Some productivity tools try to eliminate email as a communication channel, but email remains ubiquitous in all sizes and industries of business. Some have added features in email to make it more organized, but only highlighted the obvious that it is not the right application for many business functions. Contatta is a collaboration platform with email that has the right effective features to decongest the inbox but still remain seamlessly integrated with it to facilitate sales, marketing, and task management, file sharing and team communication.

Company Info

Contatta is a privately held company based in Scottsdale, AZ, USA. It was founded in 2011 by Pat Sullivan, who is the current CEO; Patrick Sullivan, Jr.; and Adam Ross. Pat Sullivan is known for co-creating ACT! and for founding SalesLogix, two businesses which have made a mark in the CRM industry. For two years, the company was laying the groundwork for Contatta, and in 2013, a private beta was launched. In August of this year, a public beta was launched, and potential customers loved it. The company has received a total of $7.9 M in funding, the most recent of which was $1.5M in June 2014. That was used to take the product to market, which is now available for free for the first 30 days and $10 per user per month afterwards. [youtube] [youtube] Take me to their Website

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