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Overview Presentation

Contalog is a multiple channel or omni-channel digital commerce platform for managing and maximizing selling opportunities. From a digital catalog and order management solution, it has expanded and grown to be a comprehensive solution for businesses whether engaged in business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) selling. While providing multiple mediums and their management to engage customers, it also provides its users report generation and user analytic features to improve business performance.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Inventory, Order and B2B Sales Management – Contalog digital commerce platform has centralized inventory management system that is efficient and provides real-time synchronized data. Users are able to manage stock levels across multiple sales channels and help predict stock requirements. It also has an order management system that allows partial order processing for a single or selected group of products. Four orders statuses keeps the sales team informed about orders ready for processing, confirmed, completed or voided. A B2B e-commerce store enables users to offer exclusive and special treatment to regular customers at their convenience. It has order history information as well as re-ordering options.
  • E-commerce, Mobile Commerce and Field Sales App – This omni-channel commerce platform has e-commerce software that allows users to customize their interface and launch an attractive store that provides a rich customer experience and engagement. It also enables the users to create their own mobile business application that is easy to use, convenient for customers and packs the performance to create delight and loyalty. A Field Sales App makes it easy for the sales team to convert first-time customers’ decision to sales orders instantly. It also provides accurate information about orders and customers at their fingertips when in the field.
  • Info Management, Digital and Instore Experience, Integrations – Contalog centralizes product information management across multiple sales channels. Maintenance is easier with bulk uploads, edits and exports. Users have the flexibility to control product variants, pricing, images, descriptions and bar codes. A digital interface provides convenience to customers giving them a good impression while enabling sales professionals an opportunity for a great product presentation. It also provides users a great experience through comprehensive information and details that help them make purchasing decisions as if they were inside the stores themselves. It integrates with many third-party applications such as Amazon, QuickBooks, Crossfire, ShipStation, ShipIT, Xero and eBay.
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Contalog offers a free 30-day trial period and three premium plans. The free Basic plan on a limited period includes for up to 2 users and 100 orders. The Standard plan priced at $9 per month includes for up to 10 users and 200 orders. The Professional plan at $29 per month includes for up to 20 users and 300 orders. The Enterprise plan at $49 per month includes for unlimited users and orders.

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Target Market

Contalog is for companies that want to easily manage and efficiently sell products across multiple sales channels.

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Some of their Clients

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Akshita Singh described Contalog as easy-to-use and efficient in pulling inventory and order data across multiple channels. She stated that her team loves especially its stock adjustment, user activity log and warehouse transfer features. Emily Lynch stated the she recommends the digital commerce platform software. She described it as world-class, allowing her team to handle all their accounts in one place.

Why Contalog

Contalog bridges the gap in managing business and sales across multiple channels. It is a very smart and useful business system that can help businesses launch products quickly across different mediums. It is also built to be secure, accessible and scalable with built-in analytics to provide important feedback for business adjustments and to aid in its growth.

Company Info

Contalog is a product of Contus, a privately held IT solutions company with offices in  Sunnyvale, CA, USA and Chennai, India. It was launched in 2014 by a group of people led by Sriram Manoharan, an IT professional with extensive experience in different industries such as outsourcing, software development, support, transition and infrastructure. Contus has focused on social, mobile, analytics and cloud (SMAC) solutions through its products and services such as Groupclone software,, and other e-commerce tools. Contalog continues to improve its products by paying attention to changing requirements of businesses. Take me to their Website

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