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Overview Presentation

clockodo-logoClockodo is an online software that helps users track their work time quickly, simply, and reliably. It is a modern substitute for those who use Microsoft Excel or a timestamp clock for timekeeping. What this application provides that traditional time keeping methods do not, for example, is the added value of creating reports that can be analyzed further for other purposes. The reports contain detail that can quickly show how time is spent, whether profitably, efficiently, or not.

Features, Benefits, and Strengths

  • Easy to use, efficient time recording ‚Äì Consideration was taken in the design and development of the application so that anyone can quickly use it without the need for additional training. Time can be entered and viewed online via a web browser, or by downloading a desktop application, or through a smartphone application. All these factors resulted in a sleek software that people effortlessly use everyday.
  • Customizable reports from accurate data ‚Äì Ease of use results in frequent use, and this leads to accurate time entry. The application can therefore provide exact time details in how long a task has been completed, including time for interruptions and breaks if entered. As a result, Clockodo can produce reports that show an accurate breakdown of how time was spent during a project. Any period can be chosen, then grouped using different criteria to help the user analyze profitability and aid in budgeting.
  • Secured data and protected communication ‚Äì Individuals, teams, or companies can feel completely safe with their data that is mirrored in multiple servers in case of breakdown. In fact, users are given a guarantee that the system and their data are 99.9 percent available, with a customer support that will quickly respond for assistance. The hosting company complies with data protection laws and protects online communication with bank-grade SSL encryption. In addition, the client can perform their own local backups, with the software supporting import and export features of files in CSV format.


Clockodo offers a free 30-day trial of the software. The basic charge is 8 USD for one (first) user a month. Additional users can avail of the software-as-a-service for the cost of only 5 USD. Any number of users is supported, even during the free trial period. No charge will be made if the user decides not to continue the service after the trial period. The service can be availed through payment with PayPal. Cancellation of the service can be made any time, effective at the end of the month.

Social Network Presence

Target Market

Freelancers and small to medium-size companies can benefit greatly with this software. One outstanding benefit especially to SMBs is that the use of this online time tracking tool can result in great savings and efficiency by letting others manage their time tracking system. Not only will there be no need to have a costly, prolonged implementation, but hardware maintenance, software updates, and IT staff training are completely passed on to others at a shockingly low price. In addition, users of this time tracking software can automatically generate timesheets to invoice their clients faster and accurately.

Supported Languages

Clockodo mentions multilingual features which allow users to use a preferred language and time zone. However, the information about which specific languages are supported is not available. Its website can be viewed either in English or German.

Some of their Clients

Information about its clients is currently not available.


On its Twitter account, Clockodo has more than 2000 followers, and it seems popular especially to owners of smartphones. For example, Lee Hebert congratulates the makers for a job well done, as he described it as “one of the most beautiful applications on the web “.

Why Clockodo?

Time tracking software directly affects productivity which then impacts profitability. However, a tool that is hard to use will not be used, and therefore, will not serve its main purpose. Clockodo is a highly intuitive application that requires no extra effort to use. The value it provides the users through its reports is the available and accurate information for analyses to answer many time usage issues. Customer support, web accessibility, and mobility are features that used to be available only for large enterprises with a big budget to spend. But all these are now within reach at a low price.

Company Info

The Clockodo application is owned and developed by clickbits GmbH, a web design, development, and marketing company based in Unna, Germany. It has over 10 years of experience in developing and implementing web projects, customized online software, and Internet applications and portals. Clickbits has been serving customers throughout the German-speaking countries for many years, and has worked with many programming standards and software applications such as HTML5, PHP, WordPress, Windows Azure, iOS, and Android, among others.

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