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casual logoOverview Presentation

Casual is a cloud-based project management tool based on a new visual approach. It helps users plan and execute tasks and projects as visual workflows, just the way people normally organize ideas in their mind. Other PM tools usually require users to make endless task lists, create complex charts, or use visual but limited boards. Here is a shockingly easy way of managing tasks, projects and ideas with simple workflows.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Draw the plan with the schedules, dependencies and resources– Casual’s new approach makes project management incredibly easy. To plan a project, users simply draw their plan as a flow of tasks, just like in Mind Maps. Not only do users complete their plan quickly, others in the team see and understand it just as easily.
  • Observe the whole picture, Stay in control the whole time – Controlling the project is also very simple with this visual project management tool. Users get a superb bird’s-eye view of all tasks and dependencies. No more confusion and frustration about how the project is going and who is doing what. Those in charge can monitor everything, such as activities, employee time, milestones and deliverables. They can manage and keep even multiple projects on time, on budget, and on course.
  • Automatically document the project and Work proactively – Using a special algorithm, the whole team stays focused on what is happening now and what is coming up next. With less uncertainties or guesswork, users also are less likely to feel overwhelmed. Moreover, every task and project can be saved as a template that can be re-used in the future. Thus, people work smartly, finish quickly and increase productivity.

Take me to their WebsitePricing

Casual simple and visual project management tool offers several plans that can fit the budget of businesses depending on their needs and resources. For example, the Personal plan that is good for 2 users and up to 2 GB of storage costs just $9 per month. A popular plan for a small but growing organization is the Team plan at $49 per month. It includes for up to 10 users and 10 GB of storage. All plans when paid annually will get a discounted price. Also, all plans include unlimited projects, SSL encryption and daily backups. Interested parties are free to try for 14 days before deciding on a plan. casual pricing

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Target Market

Casual is intended for non-professional project managers who do not feel comfortable with complicated Gantt charts and other pro management stuff. It is ideal for small and growing teams and anyone who manages similar and repeatable projects. It highly appeals to visual people who can comfortably transfer, translate or relay their ideas into plans, tasks and activities that are easily understood using intuitive visual tools.

Supported Languages

Casual visual project management tool uses English for its user interface but can accept words in local language.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Deloitte, Discovery, Metabolic and StartupBootCamp.

Take me to their WebsiteTestimonials

Joe from Cambridge stated he “already loves Casual ” since he does not go for overblown project management. For him, it should be simple and effective, and this tool fits that mould perfectly. Nikki from Sydney described it as “great work. ” As a really visual person, the tool has helped her a lot with organizing her ideas into a proper flow of actions. LaCresia from South-Hill is grateful and stated that it is “exactly what I have been looking for. ” It has multi-stage workflow, with blocked tasks until previous tasks are completed.

Why Casual

Almost everyone feels frustrated with task and project management software. There are a lot of tools out there, but virtually all of them are based on three approaches that often do not suit most people. There is the overly complex Gantt chart that works for project managers, but too complicated for regular people. There is the Kanban board and task lists that are very simple and forces users to commit too much information to memory. Casual simple and visual project management tool brings a brand-new visual approach based on workflows. It is a great choice when task lists and Kanban boards are not quite enough, or when Gantt Charts are just too complex.

Company Info

Casual is a privately held company based in California USA and Kyiv Ukraine. It was co-founded by Victor Teslenko and Nick Nikolaiev in 2013. Both Victor and Nick have technical and PM background and experience. They are also entrepreneurs and self starters. They started working on the software sometime in 2012, and the beta period was launched in April 2013. Since July 2014, Casual has been out of Beta, and is steadily gaining fans and users who have long been looking for a visual and simple project management tool. [vimeo 47930469 w=425 h=350] Take me to their Website

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