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AWeber vs. Mailchimp vs. Keap (formerly Infusionsoft)

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The COVID-19 pandemic shocked nations and economies with varied impact. The effect on business was similar, with some companies surviving and thriving, and others closing their doors for the last time. Experts agree that business processes and marketing strategies like client management and email marketing need re-evaluation and transformation. Businesses need innovative tools like AWeber, Mailchimp, or Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) to continue to reach out to prospects and customers, create brand perception, and generate purchases.

Why use CRM software

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CRM platforms that include features for better personalization, segmentation, and automation will provide organizations, especially small businesses, a powerful tool with high ROI during these times of shrinking budgets and crawling recovery periods. This AWeber vs. Mailchimp vs. Keap article takes a look at similar features and different approaches. We hope that by comparing these, companies choose the right CRM solution for their needs.

Benefits of modern CRM

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Today’s CRM tools are full of features that go beyond customer service. Even before a customer makes a purchase and requires support, CRM systems make it easier for marketing and sales teams to gather information and take action. Some of the benefits modern CRM solutions provide are:

  • Quick and efficient customer data collection from different sources
  • Smart contact segmentation by different categories and criteria
  • Helpful reminders and alert on important dates and appointments
  • Detailed historical and actual activities to show customer habits
  • Ready-to-use emails, forms, and landing pages that allow for quick response

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The AWeber approach

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AWeber is a simple email marketing software for small businesses. Its tools and features center on email marketing to create marketing campaigns, deliver them successfully to contacts, and grow your business with tools that grow with you. The software lets you manage and nurture your customer relationships with modern marketing tools such as an email template designer, landing page builder, and custom emails with drag-and-drop interface. It natively integrates with many business apps for a connected workflow and provides mobile access for a connected workforce.

AWeber screenshot

Campaign automation

AWeber lets you create automated email campaigns in a short amount of time. Set triggers and flows that will automatically send messages depending on audience behavior. You can set a sequence of emails that the software will send automatically based on your schedule. Automated tagging of people on your contact list helps you know who opened the emails and who clicked the links. Make use of dynamic content together with tagging to create a more personalized campaign.

Analytics and reporting

AWeber includes email tracking and analytics that provides information such as open rates and clicks. Dashboards and reports give valuable information and meaningful insight that will help you segment your audience, send better emails, drive traffic, and make more sales. The software includes split testing tools, so you can discover which email works and view results in real time. The reports contain KPIs that are easy to interpret and act upon. You can also view the reports on mobile devices with the AWeber Stat app.

Contact management

You can build your list of contacts and manage them easily with categories for easy subscriber management. Organize your lists in various ways with segmentation and tagging. The software also includes tools that let you design sign-up forms in seconds. They are compatible with most browsers and accessible via mobile devices. For those with existing lists, a free migration service is available.

The Mailchimp approach

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Mailchimp is an integrated marketing platform for small businesses. It’s a tool that lets you bring audience data and marketing channels together in order to get insights for reaching goals effectively. The software helps you get your business online with website builders and online domains. It has modern tools so you can capture contact information efficiently, use code-free tools to create content, and take advantage of social media channels to reach more people.

Mailchimp screenshot

Marketing automation

Mailchimp lets you create customer journey maps using conditional logic and branching points. You can design a path or process flow that makes it easier for a prospect to become a customer. It includes tools to start conversations and create rules when to deliver relevant, personalized messages. The software can automatically tag contacts based on different activities and interactions, so you get to know what is effective and what isn’t. Other features include integrations with many productivity apps and transactional emails with high guarantee of delivery.

Insights and analytics

Mailchimp provides marketing analytic reports that cover all marketing campaigns such as email and social ads in one application. The reports include real-time information about growth, engagement, and revenue in easily digestible formats. Track which customers opened emails and made purchases, or view the number of products bought or the amount the campaign earned. You can also compare metrics such as open, click, and unsubscribe rates with industry standards. Other features include smart recommendations, A/B testing, and survey tools.

Audience management

The audience dashboard includes built-in segments such as top locations, recent sources of growth, common tags, and customer lifetime value. It provides a complete view of your customer with visual data and the option to segment in different ways. Build sign-up and pop-up forms to collect useful data, create custom segments with additional filters, and layer behavioral data as segmentation criteria. Other features include predictive demographics, tagging, and custom fields.

The Keap approach

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Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft, is an online CRM, sales, and marketing automation software tool. It’s a small business platform that enables you to grow by becoming more organized and efficient. The software provides a business-proven platform that helps you collect more leads, convert prospects to customers, and create great customer experience that generates repeat business. It has modern features such as email marketing automation, sales pipeline management, appointment scheduling, and hassle-free invoicing and payment system.

Keap screenshot

Sales and marketing automation

Keap CRM includes tools that automate marketing, sales, and data entry. You can save time by automating repetitive tasks with templates. Use the automation builder tool to create a sequence of email messages. Based on timed triggers or client behavior, the software sends the messages automatically as per your designed process. Automation extends across functions such as lead management and sales pipeline.

Reporting and analytics

Keap provides you with an analytics dashboard that lets you visualize various data. With the latest sales information and statistics such as conversions, form completions, email open rates, click throughs, campaign performance, and contact activities, you can get the insight to make the right business decision. Keap has sales reports that show trends for payment, revenues, transactions, and growth over different periods of time. Get specific details with a click so you can formulate your action quickly.


You can manage your clients easily with the software’s CRM tools that improve organization and increase efficiency. An easy-to-use database provides relevant client information, including activity, communication, tasks, schedules, and payment. It integrates with Gmail and Outlook, so your records are always up to date with every new email. Keap’s CRM simplifies client management with its other features such as automation and lead management.

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Ready to decide on AWeber vs. Mailchimp vs. Keap for your CRM and marketing needs?

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All three tools are great for businesses of all sizes with tiered plans and mobile apps. In particular, AWeber and Keap are better suited for small businesses. For an integrated approach, Mailchimp and Keap include more tools and features for a complete all-in-one CRM, sales, and marketing solution.

AWeber is ideal for simple email marketing needs. Mailchimp provides companies more options in using social media channels. Keap is a reliable CRM platform best for small and growing businesses with its scalable tools that help transforms and prepares organizations for its next level of growth.

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