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AllClients vs. KeapSmall businesses are more optimistic for 2021 as they close the books on the previous year. Entrepreneurs are starting the new year convinced that they need new strategies and digital tools like CRM and marketing automation. Companies are looking for better systems for several reasons. Their current CRM software lacks the features to keep them competitive, it is slow and difficult to use, or their data are coming from different sources with the use of multiple applications. Organizations of all sizes use today’s CRM software like AllClients and Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft, but small businesses can benefit the most. This AllClients vs. Keap article will briefly describe the two software and how they provide CRM solutions. We compare similar features and different approaches. These small business solutions make it easy for you and your team to manage your contacts and tasks, so you can spend more time taking care of your customers.

Benefits of CRM for small business

The services industry, many of which are small businesses, leads other sectors in investing in CRM systems. Features like contact management and sales automation are helping companies organize their information and streamline their processes. Here are some of the benefits small businesses gain in using a CRM solution:
  • Organizes the storage of contact information that users can search easily
  • Stores customer activity information that is easy to understand and act on
  • Helps organize and simplify workflows and processes
  • Provides insights that allow teams to boost sales and nurture leads
  • Improves the ability to support customers

The AllClients approach

AllClients is a web-based CRM and contact management software for small businesses. It enables users to organize customer information and automate tasks and processes with modern features. Aside from core CRM tools such as contact database and marketing automation, the software also includes unique features that makes it ideal for insurance, mortgage, real estate, and other small businesses. It has a customizable dashboard to give you at-a-glance information of what’s in your database. Workflows help you group and automate several activities, and an email template designer lets you create personalized and responsive emails quickly. AllClients screenshot

Contact management

AllClients CRM gives a single screen view with all your client’s information such as contact information, notes, to-do’s, and appointments, among others. You don’t have to switch tabs or screens because you have in front of you all you need to engage with your customer. A menu on the top and a sticky Rolodex on the side lets you jump to another page quickly. The software also has filters and custom categories, flags, and fields that you can sort and segment. ClientTouch provides a collection of quick tools for workgroup tasks. Other features include mail merge, calendar view, and mobile access with or without native apps.

Marketing automation

AllClients lets you create a sales funnel where you can manage potential customers in a step-by-step process. Create lead capturing web pages with a template and then customize wordings and data fields to capture. The software has an autoresponder to send a prospect with an email response, newsletter, or free report. Its permission-based email marketing gives prospects the choice to opt-in and opt-out in compliance with anti-spamming laws. Other features include intelligent links, voice recorders, cloud file attachments, and deals management.

Text and phone marketing

Text-to-join feature lets prospects join email lists by texting their email address. You can send and receive client texts directly from their client record in AllClients. It maximizes traditional systems, allowing users to invite prospects to call a free recorded message, meaning no one has to talk to a phone marketer.

The Keap approach

Keap, formerly Infusionsoft, is a CRM, sales, and marketing automation software for small and growing businesses. It helps teams and companies become more organized to better able deliver products and services. For more than two decades, the software has provided thousands of users around the world refined products and features that enable them to collect and segment leads, engage and convert prospects to customers, and help teams become more efficient in their sales and marketing processes. It has tools for managing sales pipelines, setting appointments, receiving payments, and generating reports on top of core CRM and automation tools. Keap screenshot


Keap provides you a unified client management system where you can view all activity and communication in one place. From the same screen, manage your followups, update records, receive payments, and gain insights to create your next strategies. It integrates with Gmail and Outlook to connect client emails. The software can also send emails automatically to new leads or provide you with email templates that you can further personalize. Other features include mobile access where you see all information quickly and automated internal forms to collect the right data to add new leads.

Sales and marketing automation

Keap provides modern tools to help you and your team deal with repetitive tasks so you can spend more time improving customer relations. Templates let you capture new leads, assign tasks, and send emails. If you need more than a template, you can create advanced automations with its built-in automation builder to create a sequence of emails based on timed triggers or client actions. Other features include automatic lead generation and sales pipeline automation. The software integrates with many productivity apps to manage data across workflows.

Email marketing

Maximize the potential of email as an effective small business channel. Email automation lets you spend less time on creating emails and more time nurturing leads, closing deals, and generating revenue. Keap includes a library of email templates, tools for segmenting contact lists by different categories, and reports that provide at-a-glance info to improve engagement. Other features include A/B testing, auto spam checking, and intelligent algorithms to improve sending emails.

Ready to decide on AllClients vs. Keap for your CRM?

AllClients and Keap CRM software both offer free 14-day trial, so you can experience the software in actual use. AllClients is ideal for smaller businesses with a focus on contact management and organization. It has the right automations for simple sales processes. Keap is an all-in-one CRM software with powerful sales and marketing automations that allow small businesses to smoothly enter the next stage of growth. It has several products that are all easy to use and provides the exact set of tools and features for your business needs.

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