actiTIME Launches Updated Task Management, New iOS App, and more

actiTIME is a web-based timesheet software available in cloud and in on-premise versions. It is a user-friendly software with views and tools that can help teams and businesses manage projects, control costs and boost performance. The software regularly releases updates that include helpful new features to improve usability. The latest updates provide users an improved task management interface, a new iOS app, and a new time balance & overtime report, among others. These changes will benefit users, team managers, and accounting managers to help run overall the business better.

Redesigned Task Management

actiTIME replaced their task management with a newly redesigned Tasks interface to start with. The idea is to provide users with a leaner and more straight-forward interface that facilitates a quicker and more intuitive task and project management. In the previous version, users have to switch back and forth between tabs to manage customers, projects and tasks. Now, they can all be managed in one screen. The left panel enables users to browse customers and projects in a folder structure. Thus, users can easily navigate between levels. The gear icon on the right side of the folder allows users to display another panel that appears on the right side. Here, they can view and edit the item’s settings.

New actiTIME Mobile for iOS

A new iOS app was introduced recently, complete with redesigned interfaces and new features. For instance, it has the colorful View Time-Track chart where users can view their time-track in different views. Using their mobile devices, they can use the day, week, or month views to review their time while on the go. They can now also change their personal data, such as first and last name, email or password using the new app. Users can also edit personal account settings. License information is displayed, so users know the number of users and expiration date. The Android version will be coming soon.

All-new Time Balance and Overtime Report

actiTIME also updated their Time Balance and Overtime Report reflecting the significant changes to the overall functionality of the software. For example, undertime is no longer available. It has been replaced with a more straight-forward Time Balance that shows the difference between a user’s scheduled and reported time. Also, all time that exceeded their scheduled amount will contribute to overtime, regardless if there are reported fewer hours on other days. The new report provides team managers a summary of overtime and time balances of users.

Updated View Time-Track Interface

The improved View Time-Track interface also available in the latest iOS app provides users a more colorful and detailed breakdown. Users can see their time-track for a selected period, and it includes regular working hours, leave time, and overtime. Changes in the overtime functionality is also reflected in this view, showing users their time balances, for both the selected time period and for the current day. It is now easier for users to see if they have reached or exceeded their scheduled hours or if they still owe their employer some working hours.

Additional Permissions for Task Deletion

Together with this latest actiTIME update, the software included a user-requested feature of adding restriction for deleting tasks. In particular, tasks that contain locked time entries can only be deleted by managers with a Lock-Time Track permission. Also, a manager can only delete tasks with time entries of users assigned to him or her. These changes restrict users who can delete certain tasks, and also prevent accidental deletion of data. For more news on the latest updates and other new features, visit also their Facebook or LinkedIn page.

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