5 Benefits Exclusively for the Remote Project Manager

Project management is here to stay, and with it, the worth of a project manager. Whether you’re an accidental or intentional project manager, there’s no denying the value you bring to the table. In fact, you’re the hero of the day when you score feasible projects and communicate a business proposal that makes your stakeholders sit up and take notice. Besides identifying your project teams and grouping them by their skills and experience, you’d have to lead and give them direction and guidance as and when necessary.

What if you could do all of the above in the comfort of your personal quarters?

Granted, the more organized you are, the better are your chances of winning the project management game. But it doesn’t have to be taken as an invitation to live at the office 24/7, especially during peak times when your organization is teeming with projects.

Remote project managers are increasingly in demand, owing to the fact that instant feedback is key to making informed decisions in real-time. Most businesses have taken their products and services online, meaning you’d have to juggle responsibilities while remaining digitally perceptive. But there are several benefits you reap when working remotely, which is why doing your job online isn’t such a bad idea, after all!

1. Improved Work-Life Balance:

Multitasking is the name of the game. And in a pressured environment, it can seem overwhelming to have several tasks to stay atop of, not to mention the hundred questions you’d have to field on different aspects of the project itself. When you’re in the personal space of your choosing, however, you get to block out the noise and focus solely on the tasks pinned to the schedule.

The time you save from a long commute can be channelled into the actual workings of the project. Consequently, you’ll be able to get hold of your teams online and remain informed of how tasks are shaping up from individual progress updates. Based on their input, you can shift and adjust tasks around your personal engagements. Aside from this, you can delegate priorities to suitably experienced staff without having to micromanage them.

2. Better Task Ownership

Agreed, managing teams is an integral component of project management. That being said, you can’t devote all your energies towards it and assign a lower priority to the commercial and operational aspects of the project. So as you step away from the plate, your team needs to be equipped with the confidence and freedom to come up with alternate problem solving techniques themselves.

Project teams, particularly horizontal ones, have unconditional visibility into the tasks that need doing. Consequently, they understand the nuances of each task separately, thereby becoming the best judge to assess its urgency. Not only does it let them support one another on different bodies of work but also gives their leadership style and creativity free reign. This way, you’re assured of smooth project delivery even during times that you’re unavailable.

3. Live Reporting and Feedback

Given that an enterprise’s global reach can span different time zones, going online lets you streamline the inflow of communication from your teams. You can then consolidate your project findings such that neither your stakeholders nor teams are misinformed. Simply put, as one set of teams wrap up for the day, the other set can begin their day with a rundown of what was worked on so far.

Based on their involvement, they can be apprised of not just how they performed but of pending work, important announcements and upcoming deadlines. This means that the reports you give your stakeholders contain information that reflects updates. Conversely, concerned employees then know where their involvement begins and ends, allowing project-centric activities to flow sequentially.

The trouble with informal group discussions or hallway conversations is that information is unevenly distributed, causing wide gaps in what is known and unknown. By the time you piece together everyone’s contributions, a time suck ensues that hampers the learning from the project review phase. Digitizing your lines of communication paves the way to a transparent work culture which mobilizes your teams to update you and each other constantly, regardless of their physical location.

4. Cost-Efficient Project Delivery

The time spent on your actual project brings out its true billing worth. This paves the way to an infallible pricing structure that wins you repeat business from your clients. You can readily answer your client’s concerns such that any modifications requested at a later date can be accommodated. Moreover, you can notify your project teams of these changes in order to let them reassess the project scope in time. Thus, you save precious hours and yet get the particulars of your project clarified at everyone’s convenience. Moreover, you can make decision-trade offs in real-time that unanimously capture the benefits in line with your enterprise’s objectives. Once everyone knows what the project entails, the time spent on future rework and modifications is drastically reduced. The resultant project can then be delivered to the client environment and be successfully closed.

5. Harmonious Resource-Project Linkages:

Connecting the best minds to the right projects is no small feat. While years of experience gives you on-the-job knowledge, new additions to the team prove to be just as beneficial. They make up for their lack of experience with their knowledge upgrades. With the right guidance and tutoring, however, every project will have qualified members at the helm to take charge where necessary. By pre-programming optimal allocation into your knowledge transfers, you can match the best of skills and experiential prowess well ahead of the timeline without worrying about fluctuations in foot traffic affecting your project delivery schedule.

An addendum to these benefits is that relocation wouldn’t severely impact you when you opt to work remotely. You’re free to immerse yourself in the culture of the new place you’re assigned yet get acquainted with several teams dispersed across the globe, adding a personal touch to your interactions online. Not only do you encourage diversity and openness in the work culture but sit at the epicentre of all things project related!

Are there any other benefits you’d like to share during your time as a remote project manager? Let us know if the ones described here were part of the package!

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