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Webex logoModern businesses are surviving and thriving with the help of major advancements in teleconferencing and video conferencing technology. In spite of recent changes in how and where people conduct business, video conferencing software like Webex help boost productivity, save time, reduce expenses, and promote collaboration — without requiring constant travel or face-to-face communication.

However, Webex itself may not fit your company’s needs. Here, we’ve collected the best Webex alternatives and competitors.

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Webex Alternatives—What to Look for

Webex is not the only solution to every type of workflow or collaboration issue. Businesses looking for a solution to their unique problems should look for the following features as they explore Webex alternatives:

  • Ease of use for users of all skill levels
  • Availability of training documents and other support materials
  • Scalable pricing plans
  • Responsive customer service, including live support
  • Transparency of policies regarding privacy and data security
  • Roles-based permissions, multi-factor authentication, and user controls
  • Customizations for layout, background, and other viewing settings

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Best Webex Alternatives

The following is a list of Cisco Webex competitors for business applications. In no particular order, we included Webex alternatives that support team collaboration, provide reliable and consistent performance, and have not figured into any recent data security news.

Google Meet

Google Meet logoGoogle Meet is a video conferencing software available on the web or as an app on mobile devices. As opposed to Duo or Hangouts, premium Google Meet is for secure business meetings and included in Workspace (formerly G Suite) editions, but also offered for free with certain limits. It comes with information security and privacy safeguards that include data encryption in transit. It’s best suited to business presentations, team collaboration, and face-to-face meetings. Invited guests can join an online video conference using a web browser on any computer, on Chrome desktops, or an iOS or Android mobile device.


Zoom logoZoom is a cloud communication software that enables video conferencing, cloud phone, webinars, chat, and virtual events. It is a Webex-like software that has grown in popularity for bringing together remote and in-person teams — especially in the past year. The application is easy to adopt and lets users start and join meetings from a desktop, mobile device, or Zoom appliance. In the past, security experts found issues, but the company has fixed most of them. Zoom uses encryption, role-based security, and passcode protection to optimize platform security. Features include HD video and audio, recording and transcripts, collaboration tools, calendar integrations, filters, reactions, polls, and team chat.

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams logoMicrosoft Teams is used for video conferencing, meetings, and calling. Homes, businesses, enterprises, and educational institutions can all use the software. All plans, whether free or a Microsoft 365 Business plan, come with data encryption both at rest and in transit. Business plans also include SSO, enforced MFA, and advanced auditing and reporting tools. Features include group and one-to-one chat with support for sending GIFs, stickers, and emojis. Users can switch from chat to a video meeting in one click. Additional features include the choice of wallpapers, optional live captions, mute/unmute participants, and integration with other apps like Outlook.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect logoAdobe Connect is a platform for learning, webinars, and meetings. It includes multilayered security in how it provides virtual meetings, training, and classrooms such as its secure Adobe Lifecycle process, TLS encryption in client server connections, AES-256 encryption on sensitive information, role-based controls, and a choice of flexible deployments. Connect features include customizable functional windows called Pods, adjustable layouts, brand customizations, and templates for easy setup of new rooms. It also has drawings and annotations, sidebar, breakouts, topic chats, moderated chat, webcam pause, interactive recordings, event analytics, and LMS integrations, to name a few.

Skype Meet Now

Skype logoSkype Meet Now is a free cloud-based video call service that works on a browser and on devices with the Skype app. Users simply share a link with others to join the conference call. For security, it allows passwords, issues regular updates, allows users to control their privacy settings, and provides regular information about security issues, such as online fraud and phishing. As a product of Microsoft, users can easy launch it from the task bar. However, the recent release of more features in Teams and its integration with Windows 11 bring some uncertainty in the future of Skype.


GoToMeeting logoGoToMeeting is an online meeting, video conferencing, and web conferencing software. It offers users clear audio and video over a simple and intuitive interface. For security, it features TLS and AES-256 bit encryption, as well as compliance with standard security certificates and industry protocols, including HIPAA. Other security features include secure content sharing, meeting lock against unwelcome attendees, passcode-protected meetings, and participant removal option. GoToMeeting also provides recording, transcription, live screen sharing, mobile apps, single-tap meetings, integrated scheduling, and drawing tools. For a more comprehensive solution, GoToConnect includes calls and messages.

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RingCentral logoRingCentral is a business platform that offers messages, video, and a phone system. It offers the products both individually and as an integrated solution. Also, RingCentral provides seven layers of security that include transmission security using encryption, infrastructure security using firewalls, multiple authentication levels, intrusion detection systems, fraud analytics, vulnerability scans, and audited data centers. The platform also lets users switch devices for meetings for greater mobility. Other features include easy join, host, and invite, HD audio and video, and integration with many productivity apps and services.


BlueJeans logoBlueJeans is a video conferencing, screen sharing, and video call application for business. Video conference security features include a randomized meeting ID assigned to each meeting, participant passcodes, individual app share (versus entire screen share), meeting lock, participant expel, and encrypted video calls. BlueJeans provides a great conferencing experience with HD video, Dolby voice, enhanced gallery view, breakout sessions, virtual backgrounds, cross-platform and device compatibility, annotation, and digital whiteboard, as well as additional accessibility such as captioning and screen readers.

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What Is Webex?

Webex is a video conferencing, cloud calling, and screen sharing business application that works across devices. This cloud-based platform allows users to use different devices, switch devices, and manage all their messages and contacts in sync on one central system. Webex includes advanced features such as gesture recognition, noise reduction, immersive presentation, and AI-powered insights. It can also translate over 100 languages in real time, automatically create post-meeting transcriptions, and allow customized meeting views. A free personal plan and paid plans are available.

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Advantages of Webex

Small businesses and enterprises alike trust Webex. There are many Webex competitors available, but not all can provide consistent high-definition audio and video conferencing. Cisco Webex can host HD meetings of up to 200 participants using interactive, inclusive, and AI-powered features that result in more engaging meetings and stronger collaboration. As a cloud-based platform, it works in a similar manner regardless of device or OS. Cisco has data centers all over the world supporting high-bandwidth transmissions that eliminate video lag or interruption. Also, it complies with data protection standards, secure data encryption, and other international regulations to protect companies from leaking sensitive data.

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Drawbacks of Webex

Although Webex is highly rated and preferred by many users, there is always room for improvement. The conferencing app offers advanced features that can use a lot of memory and other device resources, slowing overall performance. Users would like a simpler way to join meetings for both technical and non-technical participants alike, and this is possible with a more intuitive GUI. Also, as Webex introduces new features, users would like to receive update announcements more regularly and get a better understanding of how these new features affect the way they use the software.

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Ready to Try a Webex Alternative for Business Video Conferencing?

Video conferencing enables today’s digital workforce to prioritize mobility, flexibility, and modern forms of communication. Webex and its biggest competitors provide remote teams and global businesses an effective means to collaborate without additional travel expenses or health risks. With an understanding of their requirements and awareness of features to look out for, companies can use our short list to start exploring their video conferencing options.

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