Top Ways to Identify Key Problem Indicators

Common-Project-ProblemsIn today’s competitive business world, every single project has its own threats and challenges. It is, thus, necessary that not only the project managers, but also the project staff members carry equivalent responsibilities, and act smart enough to communicate and take timely corrective actions.

If this shall be the approach, most of the problems can be recognized and tackled with ease. While assessing any project(s), the thing that is of utmost importance is to maintain thorough honesty and an unbiased approach so that problems and changes can be handled skillfully and communicated fairly to all stakeholders including the client(s).

So, are there any indicators that can give an idea about the approaching problems??? Of course, there are!! All you need is to pay close attention to the minutest project details, and you may observe signs like the ones listed below:-

  • Delays in finalizing the start date of the Project (i.e. project stuck in a floating state)
  • When the pending work is huge, but the time left is less
  • When Project reports are many, but there lies an apparent lack of effective communication with the stakeholders
  • When the project goes into a “Hurry-Up Mode “, considering trade-offs in the project due to other business priorities
  • If Key person QUITS!

And more…

To gain better insights on how to identify and manage the outburst of probable problems in a project, we at KnowledgeWoods Consulting, are conducting an exclusive webinar where there will be discussions and elaborations on the key problem indicators and the proper steps to tackle with any sort of project problems.

The webinar will help you enhance your knowledge on the domain of project management, and will also provide you an opportunity to leverage on the presenter’s industry experience at the fullest by participating in a dedicated Q&A round at the end of the webinar.

Key Takeaways

  • Ways to identify key problem indicators and taking necessary steps to avoid project failures
  • What to do when you have great people who don’t know what they’re doing
  • How to manage the changes in the ongoing project(s).
  • How to control the cost

Who should attend this Webinar?

Software Developer/Engineer | Project Manager | Project Staff / Team Leader | Business Analyst | Consultant | Functional Manager | Software Professional | Project Planner | Delivery Leader/Manager | Project Director | Manager / Head Information Technology | Program Manager | Civil Engineer | Research & Development Professional | PMP® Certification Examination Applicant

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