Top 5 Reporting and Exporting Tools for Basecamp

Basecamp online project management software is a tool that helps teams and businesses be more organized and effective. It addresses a fundamental problem of information scattered in too many places. With a simple solution of allowing users to organize their work in several hierarchies, they are able to find the right information quickly, and address issues efficiently. It is also more than just an organizer, but includes tools that manage tasks, assign responsibilities, provide several communication channels, schedule important dates and events, and others.

The Top 5

Basecamp 3, the latest version, is a simple, easy-to-use, and effective project management application. However, it is still not a complete solution, especially to every unique team, company, or business that uses it to to manage its projects, process, or people. That is why Basecamp 3 integrates with other tools for a more comprehensive solution. In fact, reporting and exporting tools are among the applications that users look for to integrate with this app.

1. Bridge24

Bridge24 LogoBridge24 is a powerful reporting and exporting application especially made for Basecamp and a few other tools. It connects dynamically to provide real-time sync. Therefore, updates on either application are instantly seen on the other. Bridge24 provides more views, such as a flexible grid view where user can easily sort, group, search and organize their To-dos across all projects. When users need more than a Hill Chart, they can choose from pie charts, donut, polar, horizontal bar or vertical bar charts. Moreover, the charts are interactive and can instantly display selected groupings, and drill down with one click. They can quickly create charts for their to-dos grouped by project, assignee, status, overdue, and more. Reports in high-quality printable format can be created using filters, 2-level groupings with extra columns, and then export in multiple formats including PDF and Excel.

2. MangoBoard

MangoBoard is a simple application that allows users to categorize their Basecamp projects and to-dos into boards. It also displays to-dos and events in a timeline view for better project tracking. When projects are drag-and-dropped to custom boards, users will be able to see them in high-level view for quick reporting. They can sync to-do boards with any project to track their progress and status change. A timeline view provides flexibility in viewing to-dos by assignees or by basecamps. MangoBoard offers a free plan for individuals and a premium plan for teams.

3. Tracked

Tracked is an agile project management tool for Basecamp. It integrates natively with Basecamp’s interface, providing the same look and feel. It has a Kanban board that allows users to add workflows to their to-dos, and view boards made up of to-dos and projects. They can add effort estimates to understand how much work each to-do requires to complete. They can also add labels to to-dos to keep track of the different statuses to help them organize and prioritize. A minimum charge of $9 per month is required to use Tracked, with $3 per user per month charge for greater than 3 users.

4. Easy Insight

Easy Insight is a cloud business intelligence software that integrates with many applications. It creates project reports and dashboards, extend functionality with custom calculations, and allows users to take action right within the reports. Easy Insight has prebuilt reports to get Basecamp users started quickly. They can create personalized, custom dashboards for teams and clients. Users can also update their Basecamp data directly from their reports. They can apply filters across projects to quickly make updates to their targeted work item. They can export in Excel, PDF, PNG and Slack. Price starts at $19 per month for individuals. A Team and Enterprise plan is also available.

5. Gantiffy

Ganttify is a Gantt chart add-on for Basecamp and a few other applications. Basecamp users can start creating Gantt charts for their projects in one click. They are able to see how all their activities relate in time. Therefore, it is easier to find bottlenecks, or explain their plans to others. It automatically interprets project data to generate a Gantt chart. Users can also update their plans, customize their charts, zoom in and out, and export their charts as PDF or image file. All features are enabled for all Ganttify plans. Plans for individuals, small teams and large teams are available. A free 14-day trial period is also offered.


Basecamp is a popular work organization and collaboration software that is a pioneer in the online PM marketplace. It provides teams and companies a way to better handle their business with a well-designed and easy-to-use collection of tools. To get more information and insight, however, third-party reporting and exporting tools are needed. For example, BrightGauge is another application that integrates with Basecamp. It provides real-time dashboards, internal reports, and default gauges, although at the pricier side. With more options, users can choose to find the right integration that fits their requirement, budget, and style of working.

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