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Construction Project Management applies the general discipline of project management for specific construction project types. These projects include agricultural, residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, and heavy civil and environmental constructions. The project manager creates objectives and plans that the project team implements efficiently while keeping all stakeholders informed. The technology and processes in construction project management share many similarities in the management of projects in other industries. For example, construction projects aim to reach a deadline while staying within budget and passing quality standards.

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The Best Construction Management Software

Construction Project Management benefits from using construction management software and tools. The software helps automate administrative tasks, simplifies estimating and billing, and facilitates planning and scheduling. It manages workload assignments, centralizes document management, and promotes real-time communication and issues resolution. Here is a list of construction project management software that can provide these valuable features.


If you manage a construction project, you face a huge task of making sure everything goes as planned. The tasks involved with construction management need expertise, the right construction management software, and experience. As a construction project manager, your duties will cover multiple areas. You need to be in touch with several teams, including clients, vendors, and regulators involved in the project.

This great responsibility will need more than skills and experience to make your work easier. Having the right construction management software can make a huge difference and streamline your work. But with so many project management tool providers in the market, it becomes challenging, especially if you are new to the industry. You need a guide to ensure that you get the right tool for the job. We’ve listed items that you need to consider before starting your search for the best construction management software.

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Construction Project Management Software Checklist

Buying new construction management software is not as easy as shopping online and picking a product. You need a checklist to guide you in order to make the best investment. Consider the following:

  • Will the system make work easier?
  • Will the platform help with real-time project management?
  • Is the software transparent?
  • Will the software improve tracking and accountability?
  • Is the software reputable for accuracy?
  • Can the software be integrated with other products?
  • Does the software offer a solution to industry problems?
  • Does the software offer modernization for my business or project?
  • How many licenses and fees will be required in running the software?
  • What’s the developer’s reputation in the market?
  • Does the provider offer technical support for the system?
  • Is the training offered by the provider?
  • Is the software intended to be used on multiple computers?
  • Can the system be mobile accessed?
  • Will a merger transition compromise my data security?
  • Do you need a web-based or on-site solution?

Your answers will help clarify your needs and get you closer to finding the right construction management tool for your future projects.

Project Management Tool Features

Every Construction Project Management software has its strengths and weaknesses. Software providers will try to accommodate as many users as possible. The perfect construction project management software is hard to find. Here are important features to consider when picking a system:

Real-time updates

You need to keep track of what’s going on around your project quickly. Stakeholders should be able to estimate the construction project completion time. The software helps you monitor the progress of your project.

Reporting tools

The system should have a simple reporting tool in order to empower communication between the various sides. This will increase productivity within the project and simplify the management of the various tasks.

Unlimited accessibility

While working on a construction project, unhindered access to the project is key. It’s important to be able to connect to your project regardless of your location. Mobile access and native mobile apps allow you to report any potential project issue in the office or on-site.

Data security

The system should comply with standard security protocols and regulations. Information stored and in transit must be safe from outsiders. Banking level security for all your data is a must.


A good file sharing feature has a central sharing point. The software sends notification when files are modified without permission. Sharing of project documents should be easy but also secured as files move from one point to another. The software will keep a history of changes viewable for audit.

Responsive support

A support team available 24/7 for any possible problems with the software while working on a project is indispensable. Always look for a product with highly skilled staff within the construction industry.

Issue tracking

You should be able to track issues with the problem by documenting them so that stakeholders follow up.

Gantt charts

Gantt charts are vital components in scheduling and planning. Gantt charts give an overview of the project in visual form.


Construction project management software available in the market are deployed either as SaaS (cloud-based) or on-premise solutions. Both types have advantages and disadvantages but both also provide a digital and systematic approach that helps get projects completed.

Construction Project Management Software – Pricing Guide

Construction management tools are a diverse group of software. They can include a simple mobile app for on-site inspection, a mobile GPS time tracking software, a to-do app, or a Gantt charting tool, with any one costing less than $5 per user per month. However, a fully functional cloud-based construction project management software that will allow you to manage, track, and get reports on projects will range from about $10 per user per month to about $300 per month with unlimited users. The price for on-premise solutions can range from about $40 one-time license fee to $15,000 annually.

Core features of construction project management software include task management, scheduling, logs, messaging, document/drawing sharing and management, logs, time tracking, and reporting. Additional features that go beyond task, jobsite, and project management, such as CRM, sales, automation, and ERP will drive the prices to the higher ranges. Additional costs can come from customer support contracts and feature upgrades.

Construction Project Management Software by Business Size

Construction companies will look for specific features in construction project management software for different reasons such as the size and state of their business.

New & small businesses

New and small construction companies delay major capital expenses until their business exhibits signs of growth. They should consider integrated, free construction project management software solutions. Another option is free, open source software to use for most of the business processes, or purchasing an app for a single business requirement such as time tracking, scheduling, or invoicing.

Mid-level companies

When construction companies start to grow or are at a stable stage with regular clients, they need to consider a more scalable platform and dependable providers. Choosing a cloud-based software is ideal with core project management features as well as integration to other existing apps. Companies also need to explore advanced features such as automation and business intelligence to give them the competitive edge to continue their business growth.

Large enterprises

Large construction companies have major projects with big clients including local and foreign governments. Their construction project management software should have features for handling thousands of resources and their schedules, as well as tracking the progress of users, contractors, vendors, and other partners. It should have financial tools, advanced reporting and forecasting tools, integration, business intelligence, and strict data security, compliance, and auditing features.

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Benefits of Construction Project Management Software

The construction industry faces many challenges, old and new. It was slow to adopt technology compared with other industries, but is now catching up. One of the solutions that all construction companies seriously consider is construction project management software. It provides benefits that enable companies to be more efficient and competitive. Construction project management software provides:

  • Complete management of construction-related processes in a single application
  • Streamlining of workflows that results in less manual managing of work items
  • Accurate data tracking resulting in better insight on job costs and work schedule
  • Better project organization that promotes transparency
  • Clear document management with high accessibility and traceability
  • Real-time status updates with immediate actionable items, resulting in less office work and more efficient workforce

Ready to Choose the Right Construction Management Software for your Needs?

You have a better chance of selecting the right construction project management software solution if you have the right information on the front end. Your chosen solution can help save a lot of time and money. These software solutions offer a demo or a limited free trial of the tool for a short period. Test it out on a small project to check if it is the right software to use or if you need to find another solution.

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