Top 3 Software Alternatives to Trello

Trello prides itself on providing their customers, for 6 years now, with the utmost user-friendly program. Their goal is to continue providing their users with a product that is at the highest level of integrity and quality.

Oh but wait! There’s a flip side – not everyone is a happy with the Trello simple approach. To be frank, Trello frustrates some people because even with their power-ups, it doesn’t have all of the bare necessities as most Trello alternatives do. Trello does NOT have the following features:

Sub-tasks – Task Dependencies – Multi-Board Reporting – Export to Excel
Workload Reports – Cost Tracking – Expense Tracking – Time Tracking – Import Microsoft Project Files

As Trello is simply not up to par, what do you do? Is there a solution? Of course!  The first option – because your relationship is too strong with Trello, is to use external add-ons to Trello. And we have just the one to recommend to you, it’s called Bridge24 for Trello. It offers a tabular view for task reporting, board views, numerous calendar views, exporting ability to Excel, and more. Your second option, say, “adiós” Trello, it’s been fun but I need more than what you can give me. Then, start looking for our Trello alternatives below.

Not Satisfied with Trello?
Here is the Top 3 Software Alternatives to Trello.


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  1. Trello is great. The only missing part is to see in one list all my assigned cards across all my boards. I did however find this extension to Trello called that complimented Trello nicely.

  2. Georgi Spasov says:

    Trello is great, but normally I need guidance and different views for different purposes. serves the purpose for me

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