Top 3 Software Alternatives to Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is an easy-to-use management tool for improved communication, dealing with customer feedback and reliable estimates. It aims to increase visibility by bringing together all stakeholder groups and incorporating their opinions. The software will also decrease product to market time by prioritizing customer issues and highlighting the crucial aspect of the software development process.

Why Pivotal Tracker?

Pivotal Tracker ensures that all information is distributed amongst the members of the development team and that they know the interdependence of their work. The program provides reliable estimates to schedule milestones and important events. It can collaborate with Google Apps for a pleasant and efficient working experience. Pivotal Tracker is intended for software development companies which require a more efficient method to monitor progress on their projects. It is intended as a mobile way of operating the whole business and keeping track of everything. The software is provided free of charge for non-profits, public projects and academic institutions.

Not Satisfied with Pivotal Tracker?
Here is the Top 3 Software Alternatives to Pivotal Tracker.

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