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Overview Presentation

toms planner logoTom’s Planner is a web-based project planning software that offers a truly easy-to-use Gantt chart software. It is a software-as-a-service tool that allows users to create their project schedules online, share it or collaborate on it with the team, and then publish it. It is a very attractive alternative for people still using spreadsheets for their project plans, and it is much simpler to use than MS Projects or other full-blown PM tools that some find too complex for their needs.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Truly Easy-to-use Application – Perhaps the strongest feature of Tom’s Planner is its drag-and-drop features in creating or modifying a Gantt chart or project plan. People from all levels, from tech-savvy project managers to first-time event planners, can feel comfortable immediately and not be intimidated in using this online project planning software. The interface is intuitive, and just by clicking the mouse, selecting the items, or using right-click menus, users can concentrate on getting their project schedule done. In addition, it offers several templates to get anyone started quickly. Some of project templates are for web design, construction, and weddings.
  • Online Collaborative Tool – As a web-based Gantt chart tool, users can invite people to work collaboratively on a project schedule. Also, links to other project documents or related web sites can be added to the plan. When finished, it can be published online or be embedded in any blog site or homepage for easy viewing on any Internet-connected device such as a PC, Mac, iOS or Android device. The chart can also be exported as an image for reporting purposes.
  • Respected Third-party Services – Being a company of a small team of developers, Tom’s Planner uses the dependable services of third-party partners for continuous support and operation of the application. For instance, it has partnered with Amazon AWS for its servers and network infrastructure, with Avangate for billing and payments, and with Monitis for network and IT systems monitoring.


Tom’s Planner offers three account plans which include the free Personal account, the $9-a-month Professional account, and the $19-a-month Unlimited account. The Unlimited account can have unlimited project schedules and all the advanced features. The Professional account is limited to 20 project schedules, while the Personal account can only have one project schedule. To be invited to collaborate on a schedule requires only a free account, but inviting others needs a paid account.

toms planner pricing

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Target Market

Tom’s Planner is ideal for individuals, consultants, teams and small to medium-sized businesses that needs a centrally located project plan that can be accessed anywhere. It is suitable for persons and teams who need to come up with a professional-looking project plan without spending much of their budget or their time. It is great for project managers, professional service consultants, events organizers and SMB owners.

Supported Languages

This online project planner supports the English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, and Spanish languages.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Dell, the BBC, DHL, Asus, McGraw-Hill, Sony Ericsson, Pixar, CBS News, Amazon, Unilever, and PayPal.


Many of this application’s Twitter followers have great things to say. Catherine Evans described it as exactly the sort of task organizing tool she has been looking for.

Hilary Bienstock described it as a great tool for online PM and Gantts, which looked nice and worked like a charm.

Why Tom’s Planner

A great web-based project planning software like Tom’s Planner is an alternative to full-blown project management applications that proves too complex for users with simpler needs. However, as a SaaS, it offers more advantages than using desktop spreadsheets to create project plans, Gantt charts, or timelines. An easy-to-use application with collaboration features and flexible pricing is a valuable tool for any business or teams engaged in project activities.

Company Info

Tom’s Planner N.V. is a software development company founded in May 2009 in The Netherlands by its current CEO Thomas (Tom) Ummels. A former project manager for 6 years, Tom decided to become a web developer and create a better Gantt charting and project scheduling application. Tom’s Planner started its beta in November 2009 and was launched in August 2010. In July 2013, it acquired competitor Gantto. Under the Tom’s Planner brand, the combined experiences of the two companies in developing more complex and advanced features while maintaining ease of use will further strengthen the market position and increase the user base of this web-based Gantt chart creator and project scheduling software.

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