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Tom's Planner

Tom’s Planner is an online Gantt chart builder that’s easy to use and flexible. Any user who needs to build a project plan or schedule can quickly create an easy-to-read Gantt chart with simple mouse clicks and drag-and-drop control. Teams can instantly build, collaborate on, share, and export charts for sharing, project planning, documentation, presentation, or implementation as often as needed.

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Tom’s Planner : Features and Strengths

Easy Drag and Drop Interface

Tom’s Planner is intuitively designed and easy to use, requiring only a mouse to add time blocks to your Gantt chart. With a right click of the mouse, users can color-code the time blocks, extend or contract them, and move them around drag-and-drop ease.

The simplicity of Tom’s Planner allows any team member to use it without training. With only a free account needed, inviting all team members for collaboration easily enables the whole team and other stakeholders to get involved in project planning.

Tom's Planner

Flexible Progress Tracking

Tom’s Planner lets users track progress in the way that makes most sense to them. Teams can choose tracking by percentages, traffic lights, icons, or color-coded time blocks. These visuals provide at-a-glance information, so teams quickly notice which tasks are on schedule, which ones are behind, or if any team member needs help.

Dynamic project overviews allow users to quickly change the timeline or schedule view from yearly to monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or down to 5-minute intervals. This dynamic view enables the team to spot bottlenecks and potential issues before they become problems. Project managers can then reallocate resources if needed before the issue escalates to consistently meet deadlines.

Dependencies, Filters, Templates, and More

Tom’s Planner Gantt charts include task dependency features with a simple click on a task to add a dependency. The software also has a search tool and filters. Users can filter by resource, activity, team, icon, dates, and any combination to find the exact information even on large Gantt charts.

The Gantt chart maker includes a library of templates and examples from thousands of its users. From any of these, teams can customize a template for their needs to make it their own. Some of the templates are for web design, construction, weddings, resources, dissertations, holiday season, conferences, rentals, and for new business launches.

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Tom’s Planner Pricing

Tom’s Planner pricing is available in several plans. All plans include free updates although some new features may be available only to paid accounts. Free email support is also included for all account users.

A free Personal plan limits the user to the creation of only 1 Gantt chart with a maximum of 200 rows or activities. A free account also enables the user to accept an invitation to collaborate on a schedule from another Tom’s Planner user.

The Professional plan at $9.95 /month on a yearly subscription allows the account holder to own and share up to 20 schedules simultaneously. This plan also includes features to print and export schedules, invite others for collaboration, and to personalize the logo that appears on the chart.

Finally, the Unlimited plan at $19.95 /month on a yearly subscription includes all features in the Professional plan, then adds the option to save locally offline, embed schedules, and allow invited users to print schedules, even those with a free account only.

Tom's Planner

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Who Uses Tom’s Planner?

Tom’s Planner is ideal for individuals, teams, and small businesses in need of intuitive, online Gantt chart software. Some of its customers include freelancers, consultants, and teams in Delta Lloyd, Dell, Unilever, Amazon, DHL, NFL, ASUS, Google, and CBS News.

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Tom’s Planner Supported Languages

Tom’s Planner is available in English, French, German, Spanish, and Dutch.

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Case Studies

Isabel-Cristina Chapparo G. is an admissions adviser for a digital school and a professional trainer based in Barcelona. She needed an easy-to-use project management tool but was initially hesitant to test Tom’s Planner because the software visuals were not like those on newer Gantt charting software. However, after trying it out, using the built-in tutorial, she was able to build her first planner within minutes. For Isabel-Cristina, Tom’s Planner provides the tools to manage her projects and schedules.

Colin M. is an IT consultant who needed a tool to help him and his team focus on delivery and getting projects done. Specifically, they needed a Gantt chart maker easy enough to use by anyone on his team for presentations they needed to be able to create ASAP. Tom’s Planner enables Colin and his team to get the project documents set up with a Gantt chart ready for presentation within minutes. He can export it, share it, or get a screenshot, then use that image for a Powerpoint presentation.

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Why Choose Tom’s Planner?

Tom’s Planner provides users of any skill level with a project planning and scheduling tool that has a minimal learning curve and eliminates the need to spend additional time for training or reading manuals. Its collaboration-friendly platform enables high involvement of all stakeholders in the planning process. It is also flexible for different requirements and scalable for various team configurations and sizes.

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Company Info

Tom’s Planner NV is a privately held software company based in Willemstad, The Netherlands. It was founded by Thomas (Tom) Ummels in 2009. After getting frustrated by not having the right tools while creating proposals as a project manager, Tom studied programming and became a developer to solve his original problem. In 2008, version 1.0 received very good feedback in beta, and within 3 weeks of its public launch in 2009, 12,000 users signed up. Since then, the development team has added new features, redesigned the interface, and continues to improve existing features, so they are even easier to use.

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