Time Management for Project Success

Taming time ‚Äì one of the three primary project constraints, is a skill which every one of us wishes we could excel in. Once ‚Äòtime management’ is addressed we can say that we are in a better position to control the rest of the project dependencies. This article tries to capture some of the winning steps that project managers can take to be better managers and lead the project towards success.

Time management tips for project managers:

  1. Identify the activities which support deliverables. Without understanding the project deliverables, it is next to impossible to deliver the project successfully. Whether the project is big or small, it is important to follow the project best practices and thus the Activity Definition as given in the PMBOK guide.
  2. Interact closely and involve the business experts or the SME’s from the very beginning. This is even truer in the case of project reviews. If the project involves any major complexity such as a new client or working on new technologies, then the activity dependency is even higher. Once again PMBOK guide has a proven process for activity sequencing which can be used for better time management.
  3. If the project has been outsourced to an external vendor or vendors as the case maybe, there should be absolute transparency on the project metrics, schedules, resources and even the WBS. The vendor(s) estimates should be accessible to the business owners.
  4. Project team involvement from day one is vital. Though when we think about this, it might sound too basic, more often than not, this is one fact that is conveniently forgotten. The team should be an integral part of the product from the very beginning – from working on the estimates to project schedule, etc. This has been stressed many times in PMBOK guide and by all Agile Methodology adherents.
  5. Complete list of the project activities. It might not be possible to list down all the activities in the initial phase of the project. But once the planning phase starts, this is no longer acceptable. It is important to list the activities and plan them so as to be on top of the project. If this is not done as accurately as possible there is strong possibility that the project would not run as schedule. Going through the PMBOK Guide Schedule Development would be a good idea.

Following these simple but important steps would help you in better project time management and thereby mean higher probability for project success.

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