Teamwork Rolls Out Latest Platform Improvements

Teamwork online project management is aspiring to be the world’s best PM system in terms of ease of use and speed. The development team is hard at work to build exactly that, and they are getting it done with the help of user feedback. Last month’s update brought on improvements on timer, speed and control. This month, it is all about user interface, improved user experience, images, add-ons and more. In sum, users are completing their day-to-day work easier and more efficiently.

User Interface Enhancements and Updates

Some of the recent tweaks made on Teamwork may not be noticeable because they are improvements on an already efficient platform. Nevertheless, the observant user may come across a set of enhancements and updates that definitely makes work experience even greater. For example, it is now easier to set and switch Time Logs to billable or not billable. Users can duplicate Milestones to simplify data entry. The Scroll to Top button that was added last month now functions smoother and more consistently. The Task Import feature has been enhanced to support estimated times and multiple people. It is easier to add clients to projects now as they are displayed in alphabetical listing and can even be filtered.

teamwork alphabetical listing

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Quickview Feature for Instant Details

Teamwork online project management gives users an easy way to navigate to their multiple projects. A listing on the left hand side allows for easy selection. There is also a Switch Project feature to access the last five projects that has been accessed. Now, there is an even faster way to get information on project tasks and milestones with the Quickview feature. By hovering the mouse over any project item and pressing the “V ” key, users can quickly see details such as attached files, logs, and conversations.

teamwork quickviewInline Images on Messages and Comments

Images are becoming a significant part of daily work, and they range from photos to graphs, charts, digital illustrations and even drawn text. To respond with this reality, Teamwork software is introducing inline images on messages and comments across the platform. On the formatting bar, a new Insert Image button will allow users to upload an image file together when they are posting comments or sending messages. With this ability, users can now illustrate their point better and make conversations clearer.

teamwork inline images

Outlook 2013 Task Manager Add-on for Teamwork

Teamwork online project management and task management software is now easier to use for clients using Outlook 2013. Agiline software development and consulting company has developed a paid Task Manager add-on that will allow users to create tasks directly from Outlook. Users can specify the specific project and task list. This task can be assigned to more than one person. It can be created with a Start Date, Due Date, and Estimate time to complete. Priority of the task can be set as well. Bulk discount rates are available when buying six or more licenses.

teamwork outlook addon

Teamwork online project management software continues to work on more exciting features and enhancements. User feedback plays a clear and great part in the creation of these new functions and improvements. To get your opinions heard or simply to know what is coming next, visit them at their Twitter, Facebook or Google+ page.

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