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smartsheetSmartsheet project management and collaboration tool recently launched two new major features. These capabilities can create a huge impact for its users in terms of visualizing work in real time and in sharing information safely to whoever needs it. Earlier this year, it has added the ability for users to insert images directly into cells. Now, this intuitive spreadsheet-like application is taking collaborative work management even further, by providing users a configurable real-time window with an actionable view across all types of work, and the ability to share a workspace with greater control.

Smartsheet Sights

Smartsheet is introducing its latest premium add-on Sights, a frequently requested feature from the user community, to allow users have a smarter way to visualize work across sheets, reports and workspaces. Sights is an additional $500 per Sights user per year purchase that provides a real-time business dashboard view of work as it is being done. Users can instantly see key information that will help them understand overall health of the business, trends, figures, dates and other data that are actionable to set and direct the business into the path of growth.

Smartsheet Program Status Dashboard.

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Sights provide users a different, higher and wider perspective that will help them make informed decisions as they assign tasks, adjust priorities, or align goals. And the means to obtain all these information can be created quickly through an intuitive and self-configurable interface. Sights goes in and takes out data from projects and activities that can be difficult to see up close or be easily ignored from among the rest. With a new perspective, users, team members and managers are also able to work effectively and communicate quickly with the rest of the team on items and issues of importance, resulting in increased performance and productivity.

Smartsheet Command Center

Configurable and Easy to use

Smartsheet Sights, just like the core project management and collaboration tool, is easy to use and requires no formal training. It is a natural extension of the application and is configurable through customizable widgets such as a metric, sheet data, report, link, and others. Drag-and-drop interface and flexible options allow users to manage right down to the size of the fonts used. It provides true, real-time data and not just a static snapshot, so managers can get specific and updated information such as dates, costs, issues, bottlenecks and more without having to interrupt people doing the actual work. This enables users at any time to organize data and assemble it into a meaningful collection that they believe is relevant, important or urgent, so they can make the right decisions to initiate proactive or corrective actions to get back on track and achieve goals.

Smartsheet Performance Testing Environment

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Enhanced Workspace Sharing

Together with Sights, Smartsheet is also launching a new feature that enables users share their work with greater control. Even in the past, sharing a sheet as well as a workspace has been possible. However, sharing a workspace also means sharing every sheet in that workspace, which can be inappropriate or unwarranted. Now, users can select the exact sheets in the workspace to share, with internal staff or external partners. Users can select who can access the entire workspace and who can access only the sheet. This works together with Sights, so users can share real-time information and metrics in their workspace to decision makers but keep other sheets inaccessible.

smartsheet workspace Sheet Sharing.

Information about Smartsheet Sights premium add-on can be obtained by contacting their sales team. For more of the latest news and features, users can also visit their Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn page.



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