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Our content and product recommendations are editorially independent. We may make money when you click links to our partners. Learn more in our Editorial & Advertising Policy. logo. has already released many new and important updates for 2023. Focused on tweaking key parts of the monday Work Management interface and streamlining repetitive functions, this latest batch of updates is more about iteration than revolution. Here’s a rundown of the five most useful updates to monday Work Management.

monday’s Top New Features
Easier Mobile Team Management
New Doc Templates
New Dashboard Features
Automation Recipe Editing
Improved Notification Filters

Easier Mobile Team Management

Easier mobile team management.

What is it?’s mobile app allows employers and employees to access their dashboards on the go. From the app, teams can plan projects, communicate, manage deadlines, and more. And now, with the newest mobile feature, overseeing teams is easier than ever. 

The update to the mobile app allows employers to access an admin dashboard and grant or restrict permissions to team members. This can mean giving employees admin-level access to’s tools or, alternatively, deleting their profiles entirely. 

The purpose of mobile management

Via the admin dashboard, employers will be able to search for employees and modify their permissions. This will save time for professionals, allowing them the flexibility to delegate tasks from their phones. It also means addressing problems immediately. Whether it be by giving team members more responsibility or by restricting them, brands should be able to complete projects more efficiently. 

Specifically, employers can now differentiate between Viewers, Members, and Admins on the mobile app. They can also deactivate member accounts or delete them completely. This update, though simple, will be helpful for large or fast-paced teams.

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New Doc Templates

New doc templates.

What is it?

When viewing the monday Doc column, users can create docs that come in basic, customizable templates. They can create a document in the monday Doc column, then click “Edit Doc template.” 

However, these documents will not operate exactly as others on the platform. Users will not always be able to save them for general use and can only share them with certain teammates via links. Docs can be created and edited by team members and admins only, and permissions are often restricted to those who have been given access to the column where the template was uploaded. 

Templates can be very helpful, and creating custom outlines will allow teammates to work faster. Once a template has been created, it is applied to all documents in a given column. 

The purpose of monday Doc templates

There are numerous benefits of using custom doc templates. Firstly, admins and team members can choose the style, formatting, and interactive elements of their templates. They can also customize existing templates for new columns. 

With these tools, employees can collaborate and complete projects more efficiently, and editing monday Docs is faster than it’s ever been. Additionally, teammates can easily discard templates and go back to standard monday Docs. 

New Dashboard Features

New dashboard features.

What is it? users have been able to create dashboards for some time, but building these see-everything-on-one-screen wonders just got easier. In the newest update to the dashboard, users can add charts, insights, applications, and more with the click of a button.

Widgets in dashboards can also be viewed individually. Instead of seeing a cluttered list of data, users can choose to turn widgets into full-screen elements. Again, this should help with focus and workflow.

The purpose of new dashboard creation tools

Dashboards are not new to — hey’ve been helping brands organize, summarize, and manage their projects for years. Now, however, it will be easier to develop dashboards and differentiate between them. 

Teams can focus on specific aspects of their boards and jump between them quickly. Using’s analytics and project management tools, teams can also plan future work or stay up to date on deadlines. 

Previously, users were forced to name boards, add teammates, upload folders, and integrate a number of other tools to successfully organize their work. In the name of increasing productivity, users can now develop dashboards in record time. 

This should allow for the creation of more specific boards for better project development and summaries. It will also let users customize boards as they work, which could prove invaluable. 

Automation Recipe Editing recipe editing.

What is it?

The platform’s automation tools just got more sophisticated. Team members can now edit automations just as they can edit other elements of the platform. 

This process works by allowing teams to customize automated outcomes. Once users have chosen to edit an automation, they can click on the parameters of the script. Automated tools can then be made to initiate new operations or complete multiple tasks at once.  

The purpose of automated recipe editing

By cutting out some of the busy work and simplifying communication, these updates to’s automated recipes will give teams more time to work on important projects. Teams can also duplicate automations and use them on different boards, which should make implementation easier. 

Improved Notification Filters

Improved filter notifications.

What is it?

The updated notification filter is relatively simple. It will allow users to filter their bell notifications based on who they are looking to interact with. Employees can sort notifications by people or by mentions. 

Accessing notification filters is simple. In the bell notifications tab, users will now see a drop-down menu that incorporates these new options. 

The purpose of the updated notification filter

These new notification options will help facilitate better communication. Especially for organizations with large teams, notification filters will make finding important messages a breeze. 

Furthermore, because users will be able to see who is tagging them, they’ll be able to jump into projects and complete tasks with coworkers in more successful ways.

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