Teamwork Projects Latest Updates and Enhancements

Teamwork Projects is a project management and collaboration application that helps teams organize everything. In one central app, users are able to keep all their projects, tasks and files, and easily share them with the rest of the team. The latest updates and enhancements include features that help automate actions, thereby eliminating many time-consuming manual processes. Therefore, users are able to save time as well as contribute more to the team’s workflow. These features include new board view triggers, auto archiving of cards, auto complete and powerful keyboard shortcuts.

New Triggers to Board View

Teamwork Projects adds new triggers to the board view, which will allow users to automate several actions while creating or moving cards. First, the modify assignee trigger is now available to help users when delegating or changing the workload. This trigger will automatically add, remove, or set a specific assignee when a card is moved to a particular column. It is possible to add multiple assignees, or add the person moving the card.

Another new trigger is the modify estimated time. This is very useful in automatically setting, increasing or decreasing the estimated time on a task every time it is moved in a particular column. Thus, users now have an automated way to setting their time estimates for their specific workflows.

Auto Archive Completed Cards

The latest Teamwork Projects version now includes a feature that automatically archives completed cards whenever they are moved in a particular column. Moving a card in that particular column will not automatically archive it, unless it has already been marked completed. If a board has many columns, and a number of cards are being marked completed inside these columns, it can be difficult and tiring to archive these cards manually on a per column basis. The auto archive is the ultimate time saver.

Auto Complete Card Details

Another enhancement that can boost speed and productivity is the auto complete functionality when creating new cards. By using specific sequence of characters, users can create tasks and select assignees, tags, priority, duration and specific dates, all just by using the keyboard. For example, when trying to select a team member to assign to the task, by typing the @ symbol, a list of possible assignees will pop up. Therefore, the user can simply arrow up or down and hit Enter to select the assignee. Similarly, by typing the hashtag symbol, they can add a tag. Other symbols are the exclamation point(s) for priority, the tilde for duration, and square brackets for dates.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Teamwork Projects also included in the latest update powerful keyboard shortcuts that enable the user to completely and confidently navigate the application with just single keystrokes. For instance, they can switch views just by pressing ‘b’ for board view or ‘l’ for list view. They can navigate between columns and cards, or select multiple cards in a column with the arrow keys and Shift. Shortcuts exist for editing columns, filtering cards, editing tasks, opening task details, and more.

Helping Teams Get Back Their Precious Time

Teamwork Projects latest updates are all about speed and efficiency, allowing users to accomplish more in less time. Consequently, having more time enables them to focus on what is more important, be it for proficiency at work or for personal growth. For more information about the latest updated and other announcements, visit Teamwork also on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

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