Teamwork Introduces Task Tags and Other Updates

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teamwork logo darkTeamwork Projects online project management software recently announced new features based on customer request and feedback. Bringing to the users the most requested features has always been a winning strategy for the company as it strives to give the right tools to the hundreds of thousands of teams and companies that depend on Teamwork to help them run their business a better way. And so they are introducing Task Tags as first among many big improvements coming this year. In addition, they also managed to make some updates and fixes along the way.

Task Tags for Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects helps teams get organized and take control of how work gets done in a better way. Task lists and tasks easily keep track of each job on the project, providing valuable information about resources, schedules and other details. Task Tags provide a whole new way of keeping track of tasks in a manner that makes sense to users. It is a flexible system that enables users to create different kinds of tags and labels that help them manage information better, put them in the right context, and manipulate them easily such as when creating reports.

teamwork tags

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Task Tags put the power and control to the user in how they want to label, view and manage their tasks and task options. First, users have a number of ways how they can create Tags and add them to tasks. They can go to Settings, select Tags and from there add new Tags. They can also quickly add a new Tag when creating a new task. When adding a new task, they can select the Tag icon where an input field will allow the user to type the name of a new Tag and then save it. To put a Tag to an existing task, they simply need to hover over the task, select the Tag icon and select from among the Tags that have been created or add a new one. Tasks can have multiple Tags that can be added one after the other.

teamwork tags screenshot 1

Teamwork Projects Task Tags can be useful in a variety of ways. When creating reports, tasks can be filtered according to its Tags. It is also easier to search for tasks with a particular Tag. Users simply have to go to the search box, enter the ‘hashtag’ symbol followed by Tag name. It will then produce a list of all the tasks with that particular Tag. This list can be further filtered from all projects to a specific project. Another way to do this is from the Settings>Tags menu, select a Tag, and then click the search icon. Replacing an existing tag is a simple step of hovering over the particular tag, pressing ‘Shift’, clicking the tag, and choosing its replacement. It is also possible to merge several Tags into one new Tag by clicking the Tags and clicking the Merge icon. Changing its color is very easy as well. Simply click the tag and choose from the color options that will pop up.

teamwork reports tags

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Other Updates

Together with the introduction of Task Tags, the Team managed to bring out some more updates. For example, users who also use third party storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and BOX can now directly upload from Teamwork Projects directly to these services. Buttons have been added to connect to each of these applications. Also, users can now drag and drop tasks from Teamwork Projects directly to the Timer when tracking the time of these tasks.

teamwork file upload

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