dapulse – New Features, Improved UI and Zapier Integration

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dapulse logodapulse visual project management software has announced a set of new Board improvements and features to help its users work faster and be more focused on their projects. A more intuitive interface is providing better experience due to fewer clicks and smarter navigation. Also, a Zapier integration enables users to connect dapulse to more applications. All of these translate to a more capable and flexible project management solution that allows users to focus on the big picture without getting bogged down on specific technical details.

New Pinned Posts

dapulse project management software provides a visual place that connects everyone around a topic and it is called a Pulse. Inside every Pulse is a a collection of information, people, action items, images and posts regarding that topic. Now, users can turn any update into an important action item by pinning it. They can do this by clicking on the Pin icon at the bottom of the update next to the Thumb Up icon. To find all of a user’s updates, he or she should go to My Feed > Pinned. A user will also know which other team members pinned or turned into a priority any of his or her posts.

dapulse pinned posts

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Board Log and Updates

Another time-saving new feature is the Board Log & Updates. A Board is a high-level page in the application that shows everything that is happening such as pulses, people, progress and the latest posts or updates. This new page that contains two tabs can be opened by clicking on the tiny Menu icon left of the Search box. The Board Log contains all activities on the Board such as when people change the status of a pulse. The Board Updates section contains all the updates that people posted to all the pulses on the Board. Users do not have to go into each pulse to see activities or updates because it is now centralized and collected in this new feature.

dapulse board l-u

Board Improvements

dapulse introduced new user interface changes for a more intuitive design. For example, Group Settings are now just next to the Group Name. By clicking the tiny triangle icon next to a Group Name, a menu will open that allows users to choose different actions such as adding a Group, renaming a Group, changing its color, duplicating an existing Group, or moving it to another Board. Another Board improvement is putting the Pulse settings menu accessible to the left of the Pulse name. When the mouse is hovered on the left of the Pulse, a tiny triangle icon will appear that when clicked will display the Pulse settings menu.

dapulse group settings

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A neat improvement is the presence of a sticky Board header that gets very helpful especially when the Board is long. Some Boards can get long and as users scroll down a long way, it can be confusing to miss the the names of the columns. The new sticky header will remain in sight no matter how far down the user scrolls. Another time-saving improvement is a people filter that searches for all the tasks of a particular chosen user and display on the Board all the pulses assigned only to that user. This is accomplished by clicking the User icon to the right of the Search box and selecting a user. Still another improvement is the ability to add new pulses and move existing pulses while in filter mode.

dapulse sticky header

Zapier Integration

One way to increase productivity is to reduce distractions. Without distractions, people stay focused on what they are supposed to work on. Unfortunately, some tools such as email do not handle distractions very well. Applications that centralize work and allow users to perform single tasking as against multi-tasking are said to be better productivity tools. dapulse visual project management software is one such solution as it provides users the centralized place to work on their projects, tasks and communication. Now, it is taking one step further by having a Zapier integration. Zapier is a no-code integration tool that connects other applications together to streamline work. With a Zapier integration, users can connect other apps such as Slack, JIRA, GitHub and many others to dapulse for a truly productive system of working.

dapulse zapier integration

For more of the latest news, visit dapulse on their Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn page.

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