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Resource Management by SmartsheetResource Management by Smartsheet enables companies to plan and manage resources across a portfolio of projects with an easy-to-use interface that gives you all the information needed to assemble the most qualified and available team for a project. Its intuitive and flexible tools allow users to track resources and make quick adjustments in real time. Resource Management also provides insights so companies can make accurate forecasts and operational decisions with confidence.

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Resource Management by Smartsheet : Features and Strengths

Simple Resource Allocation

Resource Management by Smartsheet provides a simple-to-use but capable resource management application to allow teams to find and schedule the most qualified project team, resolve staffing conflicts, and accurately forecast hiring needs. It has a dynamic resource planning feature that lets users make staffing decisions based on custom criteria like skill set, office location, bill rate, or availability. The software has interactive team scheduling features like availability sorting, so users quickly see who is available and who is overbooked to quickly balance the workload. It has team member dashboards where team members can sync assignments to their calendars. Email notifications keep everyone informed of changes. Project managers can create placeholders based on role or discipline and forecast hiring needs with a utilization heat map across people and teams. Resource Management by Smartsheet

Accurate Project Planning

Resource Management by Smartsheet gives users a flexible project portfolio management tool so they can get an overview across projects, track multiple teams, schedule projects based on team capacity, and forecast the project pipeline. Users can define project phases, assignments, and budgets to set expectations, track status, and keep all stakeholders informed. Users can manage time, fee, and expense budgets based on timesheet data. A complete overview of the project portfolio lets managers identify at-risk projects and adjust resources in real time. It also provides historical data of past projects for more accurate project forecasting, and helps keep teams aligned with a comprehensive project brief.

Time Tracking, Dynamic Reporting, Integration, and More

Resource Management includes time tracking tools such as predictive timesheets that makes it easy to track work, vacation, and sick time. It has customizable settings for fees, time, expense budgets, and custom categories that users can track to compare planned vs. actual hours. It also has mobile time tracking capability. The software includes dynamic reporting to spot project trends and track performance. It has utilization reports, visual project dashboards, custom reports through filtering and grouping, and reusable report templates. The resource management software integrates seamlessly with Smartsheet so teams can connect project plans with resourcing plans. Take-me-to-their-Website Back to top

Resource Management by Smartsheet Pricing

Resource Management by Smartsheet pricing is available upon request from its sales team. It is a product sold separately from Smartsheet as a premium add-on. Interested users can try Resource Management free for 14 days. They can trial both Resource Management and Smartsheet at the same time. Customers can then purchase standalone licenses to either platform or co-term their contracts. The Resource Management panel for Smartsheet comes at no additional charge for customers who bought licenses for both Smartsheet and Resource Management. Back to top

Who Uses Resource Management by Smartsheet?

Resource Management by Smartsheet is applicable to businesses of all sizes in need of an easy-to-use solution for managing team and project resources. Companies can use it together or independently of Smartsheet. Customers include Howden, Accenture, Ogilvy, PwC, Stanford University, Cornerstone Information Systems, Pro AV Solutions, and Overtime. Back to top

Resource Management by Smartsheet Supported Language

Resource Management by Smartsheet supports English only at the moment. Take-me-to-their-Website Back to top

Case Study

Chris Georgiou is the Project Administration Manager of a leading audio visual integrator firm with offices across Australia. As more customer enterprises were building new headquarters or renovating existing offices, the company needed a flexible solution for scheduling and updating staff resources to keep up with the demand. Resource Management by Smartsheet helps optimize their processes. Chris’s team can now allocate resources and make adjustments in multiple ways faster. The company gained more visibility and insight to see what the implications are as they make changes. Tanya Cuadra is the Senior ion Manager of a New York-based sports network that builds a brand for the next generation of sports fans. The company needed a platform to manage vast amounts of video content and organize work planning. Resource Management by Smartsheet helps simplify the process of tracking staff time for payroll and resource planning purposes. When she inputs staff workdays, the numbers automatically feed into a calendar that shows individual payroll figures and salary costs per show. Back to top

Why Choose Resource Management by Smartsheet?

Resource Management by Smartsheet provides users visibility of their team’s availability and capacity so they can set and manage schedules effectively. Users can easily make changes and adjustments while immediately seeing the impact of the changes to the project and its budget. Its reports and forecasts give accurate information and insight for teams to make effective schedules and decisions. Back to top

Company Info

Resource Management by Smartsheet was originally 10,000ft, a private company that spun-off from Seattle-based design consultancy firm Artefact founded by Gavin Kelly and Rob Girling in 2006. Together with the Artefact cofounders, Martijn van Tilburg created, founded, and became the CEO of 10,000ft in 2012 to provide an easy-to-use, web-based personnel, scheduling, and resource management app for project-oriented companies. Smartsheet, a publicly traded company based in Bellevue acquired 10,000ft in 2019 and renamed it Resource Management by Smartsheet. Take-me-to-their-Website Read also: Top 10 Project Resource Management Best Practices for Project Managers

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