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FirstBitFirstBit ERP is a comprehensive business management solution for small, midsize, and enterprise companies especially for the UAE market. A single platform offers multiple modular tools and features to manage financials, accounting, inventory, warehousing, project costing, HR, payroll, purchasing, and sales. It has a wide network of partners and professionals to help businesses deploy and implement turnkey and custom solutions with support for implementation and maintenance.

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FirstBit ERP : Features and Strengths

HR, Payroll, Finance, and Accounting

FirstBit ERP provides end-to-end HR and payroll automation in compliance with UAE Labor Law. It helps streamline HR and payroll processes for companies in various industries. Features include flexible payroll calculation, leave management, employee loans, timesheets, and WPS salary files. Users can manage HR records and documents, org charts, end-of-service payments, attendance, and personnel expenses. It is also fully integrated with the Finance and Accounting module. The Finance and Accounting features provide financial reporting that complies with IFRS standards. Tools include income and expense accounting, cash flow planning and management, and fixed and intangible asset accounting and lifecycle management. It offers all the features SMEs and large enterprises need to maximize profits, improve financial management, and prevent financial fraud. FirstBit

CRM and Sales

FirstBit ERP includes a CRM software module to help teams manage their entire sales cycle to improve conversion, boost sales, and increase loyalty. It has customer and contact database management to manage all records including contact history, contracts, and invoices. It also has automated lead collection and integration with product catalog tools. The Sales module enables users to improve and automate the sales process to increase revenue. Ideal for wholesale, retail, and distribution businesses, FirstBit allows users to streamline their sales process with real-time access to information on goods, prices, stocks, and shipments. It also has customer order tracking, followups, discount and markup management, sales plan and forecasting, and various sales reports and profit analyses.

Project Costing, Inventory, Purchasing, and More

FirstBit ERP has project costing tools to enable users to plan, estimate, and manage project finances. Its project estimating and budgeting let users import BOM, create estimates, and set budgets for each project. It facilitates has the management of project records and different costs. Users can analyze financial and operational KPIs tracked in real-time using earned value, schedule variance, cost variance, and other analysis methods. Another integrated module in the ERP software is inventory management with real-time tracking, stock management, and availability reporting. The Purchasing module lets users plan purchases, reduce resourcing costs, and ensure timely payments to vendors. FirstBit also includes a VAT module to keep records in compliance with the UAE VAT Law. It ensures accurate calculation and help avoid fines for violation of the VAT Law. Take-me-to-their-Website Back to top

FirstBit ERP Pricing

FirstBit ERP pricing is custom pricing as it provides modular features for different business areas that users can request to customize for industry-specific requirements. Further, companies can choose from cloud or on-premise deployment, with the option for additional implementation and maintenance services. Interested parties can directly request for a demo of the ERP software. Back to top

Who Uses FirstBit ERP?

FirstBit ERP is applicable to businesses of all sizes in need of an ERP solution to manage and automate business processes across the organization, whether with a cloud-based or on-premise solution. Customers include Kamal Khawaja Building Contracting, BCI Group, Amarak Trading, Heineken, Gamma Tech, AJ Auto Spare Parts, Casanova, Zenith Smart Technology, and Three Pole Technical Works. Back to top

FirstBit ERP Supported Languages

FirstBit ERP supports Arabic, English, and Russian languages. Take-me-to-their-Website Back to top

Case Studies

Hassan Karim Jahed Pari is the managing director of a group of companies in the domain of home automation, construction, and consultancy. Comprised of 10 expanding and growing companies, Hassan needed support software that would primarily establish coordination between teams, departments, and companies. FirstBit ERP completed most of the company’s requirements, establishing coordination across the organization. It also helps increase efficiency, provides custom and error-free reporting, streamlines the company’s expansion process, and gives managers better control and awareness of projects, progress, and profits. Abdul Hannan Barbhuiyan is a procurement specialist in Dubai-based mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) contracting company. Abdul is responsible for finding a software solution to efficiently manage and track labor in construction projects. FirstBit ERP now enables the company to manage projects and the labor involved. Additionally, automated attendance features allow them to track labor for each project, as well as control, track, and complete complex tasks. Automated reports also help manage project materials and monitor costs. Back to top

Why Choose FirstBIT?

FirstBit ERP provides modular tools in an integrated platform. It is flexible and customizable, with global partners and industry-specific ERP solutions for a wide range of business types and sizes. Companies have the option to deploy on-premise for a custom end-to-end solution or use SaaS for a lean, scalable, and secure implementation. Back to top

Company Info

FirstBit Technologies LLC is a privately held IT services and software solutions provider with headquarters in Dubai, UAE, and branches around the world, including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Canada. First BIT started in 1997 in Moscow and since then has grown together with its local partner companies and professionals globally. Since 1997, it continues to develop and provide business management software and ERP solutions for various industries and sectors. Take-me-to-their-Website

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