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RunnRunn is a resource management, planning, and forecasting software solution that enables business owners, project managers, and management teams to manage complex projects with the right resources. Its centralized and intuitive features allow users to easily, quickly, and confidently view project portfolios, allocate resources, and forecast hiring needs. Businesses can take on the most profitable projects, then match resourcing needs with the right skills for the best possible outcome.

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Runn : Features and Strengths

Resource Management, Scheduling, and Capacity Management

Runn’s resource management software centralizes all resource information in one place. Users can view the resource pool of employees in real-time and see the workload, availability, and utilization rate of each team member. Managers can optimize available resource capacity and also know when its time to hire more people. They can match the right skills to the right projects for the best outcome. Resource scheduling features let users assign people to projects and create assignments easily. With click, drag, and drop, users can quickly allocate work to a team member, as well as extend, shorten, split, or transfer work. Other features include a search tool, with filtering by role, skill, team, or tag. It also has a workload view, custom work days and work hours, time off and holidays management, live insights, placeholder allocation, grouping by teams, and assignment by roles. Runn

Project Planning and Forecasting

Runn provides a project planning tool that enables users to build the best combinations of projects based on resource pipeline and capacity. Project managers can create plans quickly and adjust them without the danger of overbooking. They can view all projects and their phases and milestones in a single, combined view. Project forecasting tools let users manage and forecast capacity, projects, scenarios, and financials. Users get real-time visibility of how future work will affect resource availability. Other features include project tracking, pipeline tracking, what-if scenarios, and financial reports.

Timesheets, Reporting, Integrations, and More

Runn has built-in timesheet and time tracking capabilities to help users easily compare actual data with their plans. Timesheets are easy to complete with the option for daily or weekly entry. A time-tracking Chrome extension automatically records time and fills in timesheets. Users can record both billable and non-billable time. The software uses actual timesheet entries in creating forecasts. Reporting tools provide a high-level heatmap of all resources to help identify trends and meet utilization targets. Visual graphs and charts enable users to quickly balance workload with capacity. Other features include live project tracking and accounting, custom metrics and fields for special reports, native integration with Clockify, Harvest, and WorkflowMax, full API, bulk editing, and import/export of data from/to CSV format. Take-me-to-their-Website Back to top

Runn Pricing

Runn pricing is available in several plans with the option to pay either monthly or annually. All plans include unlimited users and unlimited projects. A 14-day free trial is available as well as special pricing for non-profits and low-income countries. Organizations based in Ukraine can use the software for free for the next 5 years. Runn offers a free plan for up to 5 managed persons or resources, which are the persons a user is scheduling in Runn. The Pro plan at $8 per person managed per month paid annually (or $10 per person managed paid monthly) also includes chat, onboarding, and demo support, API access, and SAML SSO. The Enterprise plan is custom priced for specific requirements. It also includes concierge onboarding, dedicated account management, custom training, and additional security arrangements. Runn Back to top

Who Uses Runn?

Runn is valuable to businesses in need of a single resource planning and forecasting software for a wide range of industries that include IT and software, architecture and engineering, consultancies, and agencies. Many small to midsize companies with teams of 50 to 2000 use it to help assign the right resources to the right projects. Customers include SilverStripe, Ralabs, Dovetail, TribalScale, and Studio 24. Back to top

Runn Supported Language

Runn supports English only at the moment. Take-me-to-their-Website Back to top

Case Studies

Rich Gigante is the Chief Revenue Officer at a digital innovation firm based in Toronto. At the end of every month, he and several other managers and project officers would spend valuable time moving back and forth between several applications to input data and get approval. The company needed to unify daily resourcing operations with weekly and monthly reporting needs for the senior management team and for clients. It chose Runn to provide the needed visibility across the company’s entire project portfolio with features like a high-level allocation overview, billable and non-billable resourcing, a Missing Timesheet report, and real-time capacity charts. Julia Sang is the Head of Delivery for a digital marketing agency based in Cambridge. The agency helps clients craft their digital strategy with open-source technology, human-centered websites, and clever web apps. The studio’s project managers were using different tools and spreadsheets to manage projects and business. Now, Runn provides a single intuitive tool that helps streamline tasks and reduce data input to give PMs more time to focus on managing projects. Also, the Runn team was prompt and responsive to Julia’s team’s suggestions, creating a positive impact on the agency’s work. Back to top

Why Choose Runn?

Runn enables users to have live, accurate data to track important aspects of the project and the business. It provides real-time information and valuable insight so companies can constantly evaluate, adjust, and optimize project performance and resource management. Actual data also helps improve the quality of forecasts so that teams are always capable and ready for more business and growth. Back to top

Company Info

Runn Fast Limited is a privately held software company based in Wellington, New Zealand. It is founded by Tim Copeland (CEO), Nicole Tiefensee (COO), and Rowan Savage (CTO) with a fully remote team operating across three continents. Runn is a response to challenges faced by project-based businesses to help them deliver successful projects on tight schedules with the right tools. Take-me-to-their-Website

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