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Planplex is an online project planning tool. It aims to help its users plan, estimate, track progress and collaborate with the team on projects. The application was designed from the ground up with collaboration in mind. Users can easily get in touch with the rest of the team at any page in the application. It is an excellent replacement for spreadsheets used as a project management tool, where interactive and automated tools help create a more accurate and better project planning and tracking solution.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Collaboration, messaging and documentation ‚Äì Planplex project planning tool enables its users to instantly share, communicate and collaborate down to the task level. They can send instant messages through Discuss shortcuts, invite others to edit project details, and share integrated information through project wikis. Creating online documentation is very easy and quick as well. Resources can have multiple roles depending on the project they are involved with. External clients can participate as well.
  • Project planning, estimation and tracking ‚Äì Users can quickly create a project plan with easy data entry in an intuitive interface that accepts dates, duration, effort and progress. Resources can be easily assigned and managed. Interactive charts and calendars are easy to set and update, with the ability to have task dependencies. Milestones at important periods within the project can also be defined. Once the project is going on, users can track the progress with tools that account for activity of resources, tasks, records, and efforts. All these can be easily seen in a project status dashboard.
  • Integration ‚Äì Planplex allows the integration of any task with external resources, such as files in the intranet or in cloud storage services. They can also be linked with customer service tickets or engineering issue tickets. For software development, it can also be linked to repository check-ins and a lot more.
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Planplex online project planning software is offered in a simple pricing plan. It is priced at $4.99 per user per month, and includes for unlimited projects. They also offer a free 15-day trial period. planplex pricing

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Target Market

Planplex is ideal for freelancers, consultants, startups, SMBs and professional services business that require an efficient task management, project planning, estimation and tracking tool that has collaboration capabilities for both internal staff and external clients or partners.

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Why Planplex

Today’s modern work environment reflects the complexities of a fast-changing business landscape. Spreadsheets and emails are outdated and inefficient tools for this kind of work environment. Planplex is an accessible, secure, and affordable collaboration-ready project planning and management tool. It has the features that effectively take into account communication and information sharing down to the task level, with dynamic planning and scheduling tools, as well as needed status visibility to help decision makers adjust to any change in requirements and situations.

Company Info

Planplex is a computer software company based in Spain. It was co-founded in 2014 by Juan Antonio Fernandez and Emilio Guijarro, software engineers who decided to build an affordable project planning tool built for collaboration from the ground up. In October 2014, they announced in their blogs that Planplex was out of public beta with improvements and fixes included in their latest release and a new subscription pricing model. Take me to their Website

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