Top 3 Software Alternatives to Pivotal Tracker


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Pivotal Tracker

Software development teams and product teams are increasingly forced to complete projects faster on a tighter budget. Agile project management software like Pivotal Tracker enables software teams to deliver more frequently and consistently. Agile teams looking for Pivotal Tracker alternatives can choose from several project management software options that are readily available.

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Pivotal Tracker Alternatives: What to Look for

Pivotal Tracker provides multiple teams an agile project management tool that helps keep the team organized, guided, and focused — but also flexible and adaptive. Teams in search of suitable Pivotal Tracker alternatives should keep in mind this list of project management tool features:

  • Interactive tool for feature, iteration, and project planning
  • Quick story outlining and creation
  • Task management, delegation, and tracking
  • Issue tracking, notifications, and search
  • Support for different agile methodologies
  • Drag-and-drop Scrum board, Kanban board, portfolio view, and other work views
  • Backlog management and prioritization
  • Team collaboration and estimation
  • Analytics for team velocity and other performance metrics
  • Dynamic visual reports showing top-level overview with zoom to details
  • Multi-project workspace for side-by-side project management
  • Personalized workspace, dashboard, and task list for each team member
  • Built-in communication tool including @mentions and custom feeds
  • File sharing, integration, mobile apps, and API

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Top Software Alternatives to Pivotal Tracker

Here is a list of the top Pivotal Tracker alternatives that software developers and product teams can explore for their agile project management needs.

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What Is Pivotal Tracker?

Pivotal Tracker is agile project management software from Pivotal Labs that enables teams to build software and other products successfully and consistently. It includes features such as a Kanban tool, shared backlog, and estimate collaboration so a team can visually organize and prioritize tasks. It also has guided iteration planning with automatic calculation of team velocity to develop healthy team momentum and maintain a sustainable pace.

Pivotal tracker supports different agile project management practices, allowing a team to break down large projects into smaller actionable work or stories. It has real-time task management and tracking that gives users an up-to-date view of every software feature, issue, chore, or release.

This project management software also provides project history information, story blocker alerts, labels, to-do checklists, file management and sharing, workspace collaboration, advanced search tools, apps for iOS and Android devices, and integration to many apps via an open API.

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Ready to Try a Pivotal Tracker Alternative?

The Pivotal Tracker project management tool offers a free plan for a small team of up to five and several paid plans for teams of all sizes, from startups to enterprises. However, companies looking for more suitable project management software can start with our top recommendations to help them get their search for the best solution underway.

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