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GoodGantt is a Gantt chart application for Trello available as a Chrome browser extension. Trello is a popular online task management and project tracking software used by millions. Its Kanban board system of cards and columns is effective for identifying, prioritizing, and tracking tasks in simple projects. However, for bigger and more complex projects that involve more people, a Gantt chart is more useful for displaying the big picture. Unfortunately, Gantt charts are not available by default in Trello. One option is to use a Power-Up. Another is to use a browser extension like GoodGantt that can deliver more than just a Gantt chart view.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Automatic Gantt Chart Generation – GoodGantt Chrome extension automatically provides Trello users a Gantt chart view of their boards. You can see all the boards and tasks in your account, with the option to hide boards. So, the Gantt chart automatically created can represent all your projects and tasks for a comprehensive view. You can build dependencies between tasks, and create milestones easily. You can also open a Trello card directly from Gantt view for editing.
  • Time Tracking Integration and Progress Monitoring – The Gantt chart application integrates with third-party time tracking tools such as Time Doctor, Hubstaff, Everhour, TMetric, and Harvest, among others. Therefore, it is easy to track employee performance together with their tasks right in the Gantt chart. Each card displays a brief statistics of time spent by the assignee. You can also enter an estimated progress of each task for assessment and reporting purposes. Any changes will be noticeable with a visual indicator on the chart.
  • Card Automation, Workload View, and more – GoodGantt allows users to automate the placement and movement of cards. You can customize the rules or workflow for each column everytime a card is added or moved in it. The application also has an additional workload view where you can see either the number of tasks or the number of hours displayed for each team member. You can then change the number for more evenly work distribution across your team. Other features include grouping of tasks together, renaming of Trello card directly from the chart, and available hotkeys for quick operation.


GoodGantt offers a free plan and two paid plans. The Free plan is for 1 user, and includes for unlimited boards. The Standard plan at $2.99 per month per user includes a team collaboration feature. The next paid plan is at $4.99 per month per user, and includes time tracking integration, team availability panel, and user card estimate statistics. One free user is included in the paid plans.

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Target Market

GoodGantt is for Trello users looking for a Gantt chart tool for project planning.

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No user testimonials are available. However, it received an average of 5/5 stars from 7 reviewers from hunt.

Why GoodGantt

GoodGantt is in version 0.1.9 as of September 20, 2019. Some issues are discovered, but fixes are also promptly deployed. All in all, its available features are working smoothly. It has a free plan that users can take advantage of, with more features coming soon and listed in their public Trello roadmap board.

Company Info

GoodGantt is a private company in San Francisco, CA, USA, founded in 2018 by Sergei Vaskov, CEO and UX/UI designer from Kazan, Russia. They created GoodGantt to make it easier for growing teams to plan projects in Trello.


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