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Overview Presentation

Ganttify is a Gantt chart add-on that converts a Trello board, Basecamp project, or Google Calendar into a Gantt chart. A typical Gantt chart shows a list of activities of a project, its timeline, and the duration of each activity as shown by its start date and end date. Therefore, it represents visually the structure and flow of a project through time. Through Gantt charts, users are able to get an overview of the project flow. A similar app we found that may compete with Ganttify is Bridge24.

Features, Benefits, Strengths

  • Gantt Chart for Trello, Basecamp, and Google Calendar ‚Äì Ganttify fills in a functionality gap in Trelllo, Basecamp, and Google Calendar as these applications do not have a Gantt chart view. Some users prefer a more detailed and professional-looking Gantt chart over a calendar when looking at a project timeline. The application has a more flexible timeline that can range from every 5 minutes to a whole month. Gantt charts also can provide a quick view of the whole project flow with dependencies as well as detailed information of each activity or task. Since Trello can now have a start date and duration in each To-do Item in a card, Ganttify can create a Gantt chart that shows this duration using a specific syntax.
  • Save, Share and Print Gantt Charts ‚Äì The Gantt chart add-on enables users to save their Gantt charts as image or PDF file. They can export them and paste them in word documents or slide presentations. When exporting the image, users can opt to show or hide weekends. They can print the Gantt charts and post them on the wall. They can share direct links of the chart in web pages and emails, and the application works with most browsers, including Safari in iPhone and iPad. Communication between user’s browsers and the servers are secured with SSL technology.
  • 2-Way Sync, Shortcut Mouse Clicks, Zoom, and more – Ganttify allows users to edit their timelines within the Gantt chart software, which updates the linked project’s details in the other application. Updates are synchronized both ways and are reflected in both applications. With the simple use of a right mouse click, users can set start dates, due dates, or milestones to each item in the Gantt chart. The Zoom feature enables them to see details of an entire year or as detailed as at an hour basis. On the left of the chart, they can also see a detailed view of each timeline.

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Ganttify is currently free when used with Basecamp and Google Calendar. Two paid plans are available for Trello, with a free 14-day trial. The Standard plan is priced at $6.99 per month, and includes features such as 2-way data sync, short links for sharing, add and edit activities, and zoom. The Pro plan is priced at $12.99 per month and includes all Standard features plus export, embed feature, multi-project charts, and early access to new features. An annual subscription will result in 2 months free for either paid plan.

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Target Market

Ganttify is ideal for people who have Trello, Basecamp, or Google Calendar accounts. It is valuable for users who prefer to have a Gantt chart view of a project in addition to calendar view provided by said applications.

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Some of their Clients

Dutch Bros. Coffee, Honda, Oracle, Philips, Comcast, and Total.


Gary Schultze stated that Trello and Ganttify have transformed their business by organizing their projects in a way that is visual and sensible. These applications are better than what he used before, such as MS Project, Critical Chain, and other web services.

Nancy Wilkins-Diehr stated that the Gantt chart add-on allowed her team to continue to work in Trello but produce beautiful Gantt charts for her funders. They have been very impressed how the applications were easy to use. She explained that the software helps them work more efficiently.

Why Ganttify

Ganttify provides a better view and clearer information than just a calendar. The chart is highly interactive, easy to use, but also powerful enough to track progress, provide details and give better insight to users. Integration with the Todoist app is currently being worked on as well.

Company Info

Ganttify, B.V. is a privately held computer software company with headquarters in Willemstad, Curacao. It is founded by Thomas Ummels and Robin Van Baalen. The product is powered by Tom’s Planner‘s technology, a web-based project management system that enables its users to easily create, share and publish their Gantt charts with drag and drop technology. Ganttify is the result of the collaboration by Tom’s Planner and Gantto Inc, which was acquired by Tom’s Planner N.V., a privately held computer software and services company owned by Ummels.

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